Education: Statewide Satyagraha of teachers deprived of transfer, it will start from the ‘home’ of Lord Buddha


Lucknow. Even after being senior, the teachers of council schools, who were deprived of transfer, have announced a gradual satyagraha. The plan of the teachers is to make the government remove the discrepancies in the teacher transfer policy by doing Satyagraha peacefully in each district. Teachers posted at Siddharthnagar, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, are going to start the Satyagraha on Saturday. Permission has been received from the district administration to protest peacefully and put forth our point. Satyagraha will continue for three days in Siddharth Nagar. After that teachers of other districts will sit on dharna. Disappointed after meeting Director General School Education Vijay Kiran Anand, the returned teachers have set the outline of the statewide agitation.

Government should transfer batchwise without discrimination

Most of the teachers are raising questions on the transfer policy of council school teachers 2023. From social media to the government-officials through memorandum, they are keeping their logical point. A teacher told on the condition of hiding his identity that the government talks about uniform civil law. It claims not to discriminate, but the officers in the Basic Education Department are arbitrarily. Transfer Policy 2023 is proof of this. By making new rules every time, they are closing the way for senior teachers to go home. There is so much inconsistency in the transfer policy that the senior most teacher who is healthy and is not married to a state-central government servant is debarred from transfer but has completed two years of service but is married to a government servant. If so, he has taken advantage. Teachers want transfer to be done on the basis of seniority.

Seeing the teachers, DG first got angry and then reprimanded, finally assured to solve the problem, the list of fake ones went viral

16,614 teachers have been transferred

Basic Education Department has recently transferred 16,614 teachers and teachers working in council schools. The number of months in this is 12267. Out of 16,614 transferred teachers and teachers, 1141 incurable and serious patients, 1122 disabled and 393 single parents were given an additional benefit of ten marks. 6880 Those teachers-teachers also got the benefit of ten marks whose husband-wife are in government service. Due to this weighting, the names of those teachers who have completed only two years of service are also included in the transfer list of 69000 batch. Those teachers who have completed five to 10 years of service in the most backward district are angry with the government after their names appear in the transfer list of those who have served for two years.

Teachers are mobilizing against basic teachers transfer policy, some went to court, some complained to CM

Struggle continues since 2018 for transfer of teachers

Teacher Shikha Gupta says that most of us have been serving in the aspirational district for 8-10 years or more. Inter-district transfer policy came in the year 2018. Teachers were involved in all the stages of this process, but only a day before the release of the list, the teachers of 8 districts like Siddharthnagar, Sonbhadra, Shravasti, Balrampur, Bahraich, Chitrakoot etc. were removed from the process in the name of aspirational district. Completely thrown out. In the transfer policy 2019 also, as many come, so many will go because the teachers of these districts could not be transferred. After this the struggle of the teachers continued. Describing the interstate transfer policy 2023 as a disaster, she says that due to its weighting policy, a teacher with less service but married to a government servant was transferred. The seniors kept watching.

Teachers are doing Satyagraha for these demands

1- The transfer of teachers working in council schools should be regularized every year by removing the discrepancy in the transfer policy. The transfer should be done batch wise, the government should give the benefit of weighting, but seniority should be ignored.

2- Due to working in aspirational districts, the teachers who are deprived of the benefits of transfer should be transferred on priority basis. After transfer, their seniority in the transfer district should be maintained.

3- The vacant posts of teachers in the western districts of Lucknow, Kanpur, Agra, Aligarh, Meerut, Bareilly, Moradabad, Noida, etc. should be filled by transfer of teachers working in aspirational districts.

4- All the upcoming recruitment should be done for aspirational districts only so that all the newly appointed teachers can serve in backward districts and after a certain period of time can be transferred to their preferred districts.

5- 16,614 teachers and teachers have been transferred but a large number have not taken charge. A second list of transfers should be issued for this vacant seat.

ACS Deepak in action, now teachers taking transfer will be relieved only after the approval of the committee headed by CDO

Teachers will first serve in the school then join the Satyagraha

A teacher involved in the movement says that the three-day serial Satyagraha is starting from 15th July. We want to convey our point to the government and officials peacefully. Teachers will sit on Satyagraha in the District Magistrate’s office premises only after serving in their respective schools. Significantly, a delegation of teachers had met the Deputy Collector, Sadar Naugarh, Siddharthnagar, for the permission for Satyagraha.



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