delhi rain danger of increasing the water level of yamuna delhi crawling with traffic jams prt | Delhi: The danger of increasing the water level of Yamuna due to heavy rains! water logging in many areas


Delhi Rain: After not raining for two-three days, today i.e. on Saturday, it once again rained heavily in the country’s capital Delhi. Due to the heavy rains, the situation of waterlogging again happened in many areas of Delhi. At the same time, due to heavy rains, people once again had to face traffic jam. Significantly, Delhi is in the grip of floods for the last few days. Yamuna is in spate due to heavy rains and release of water from Haryana. Water has entered houses in many areas of Delhi. The people of the national capital are battling with unprecedented floods due to Yamuna water coming out. On the other hand, according to the India Meteorological Department, due to the rains in Delhi today, the maximum temperature came down by one degree to 34.6 degree Celsius, while the minimum temperature was 27 degree Celsius. °C was recorded.


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