Consumers suffering from the fault of the electricity department in Deoghar, there is a danger of being deprived of the free electricity scheme


Deoghar News: In Deoghar, the electricity department talks to the people to pay the electricity bill on time, but the department itself is not showing seriousness in generating the bill. In most of the areas of Deoghar-Jasidih, the problems of the people have increased due to non-generation of electricity bills of the consumers. Consumers are unable to pay the electricity bills of their homes, establishments and business firms. For two-three months, consumers of most areas of the city are facing this problem. Now they are worried about paying huge bills in one go. In such a situation, the consumers here are suffering due to the mistake of the electricity department.

There is a danger of being deprived of 100 units of free electricity scheme

Domestic consumers are in danger of being deprived of the 100 units free electricity scheme by the Jharkhand government. Due to non-preparedness of bills on time, the financial burden on the people is increasing. Consumers not only have to pay huge bills but also have to bear one-time rental charges in one go. In this situation, domestic consumers are being deprived of the benefits of the said scheme.

Worry about disconnection if bill is more than 5000

In case of non-receipt of bill for two-three months, the bill of many consumers can go beyond five thousand rupees at a time. Generally, the electricity department disconnects the connection in case of outstanding bill of more than Rs 5,000. If the bill of some consumers is arrears and after receipt of new bill, the total amount is more than the prescribed criteria, then disconnection should not happen. Along with this, if the bill is high, then people are worried about its payment.

The problem started after non-payment of energy friends

The real reason for the problem started after the departmental billing agency did not make timely payments to Urja Mitras. Billing Agency EMD IE Digitronics Pvt.Ltd. This problem which started after not giving honorarium to Urja Mitra for a long time, continues even today. Even after departmental assurance, Urja Mitras started work, out of 72 Urja Mitras only 40-45 Urja Mitras returned to work. Because of this, due to delay in alternative arrangements, bill collection has become a big problem in many areas of the city.

There was a ban on withdrawing the bill due to the implementation of the new tariff

Here, according to the departmental information, Jharkhand Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited was to implement a new electricity tariff in the entire state of Jharkhand, for which software had to be changed. Because of that, there was a ban on withdrawing bills from the last week of June on the bills of the consumers. Now that the new software has come, which includes the new tariff structure, since July 10, the work of collecting bills has started in half a dozen localities including Williams Town, BM College, Salonatand, Barmasia. In view of the problems faced by the people with the Shravani Mela, the department is trying to pass the bills in most of the localities of the city till 20th July.

Case Study-A

The family members of a female consumer (MPDDS08054) living in Charkipahari area told that the bill of her house is not coming out for three-four months. Because of this, they are being deprived of the benefit of 100 free units of the government. If the bill becomes more, then there is a danger of disconnection. In this situation, the department should remove the bill as soon as possible.

Case Study-2

Anand Kumar (MPDS004191), a resident of Rampur area, told that the bill is not coming out for more than two months. Along with being deprived of the benefit of 100 units of free electricity, there is a worry of getting a one-time bill as per the new tariff. If the bill is huge, there will be difficulty in paying it on time.

what say ae

New tariff was to come from JBNL. For this the software also had to be changed. There was a ban on drawing bills for this. New software has arrived, from July 10 bills are also being drawn in half a dozen localities of the city. By July 20, the target is to get the bills of the consumers of most of the city’s localities. after that all the problems will be solved – Luv Kumar, AE, Electricity Sub Division, Deoghar

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