Bihar: Reduced crowd at ticket counter in Muzaffarpur, thousands of people canceled train journey, know the reason


Bihar News: The crowd of people at the ticket counter in Muzaffarpur has reduced. Many trains were canceled on Friday. Poomre’s CPRO Virendra Kumar told that the train no. 15934 Amritsar-New Tinsukia Express leaving Howrah via Train No. 12331 Howrah-Jammu Tawi Himgiri Express is cancelled. Operations have been affected due to heavy rains in North India. About 50 thousand people have canceled the train journey.

Operations disrupted due to rain

Due to the rain, rain water has gone up on some railway sections of the Northern Railway. Due to this, there has been a change in the operation of trains. The CPRO said that the train no. 14674 Amritsar – Jaynagar Shaheed Express is cancelled. It did not come to Muzaffarpur on July 15. At the same time, train no. 14649 Jaynagar-Amritsar Saryu Jamuna Express will be cancelled. Train operations have been severely disrupted due to heavy rains.

Delhi bound trains canceled

Due to rain, about 50 thousand people in North India had to cancel their train journey. Please tell that there has been heavy rain in Delhi and Himachal. Yamuna is in spate. Many areas have been submerged. Only water is visible on the road. The water has reached close to the Supreme Court. An alert has also been issued by the Meteorological Department for July 15. There is an alert in Noida and Ghaziabad as well. Due to this the operation of trains has been affected. It is also affecting the people of Bihar.

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damage to railway

Apart from Delhi, thousands of passengers have canceled their train journeys from many areas including Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Ambala, Karnal, Jammuvati. This has caused a lot of damage to the Railways. Railways have suffered a loss of crores of rupees. Due to the worsening of the situation due to rain in Delhi, people are refraining from traveling. Because of this, the railways is facing loss. People are canceling their confirmed tickets. At present, the people of Bihar are avoiding going to Delhi for studies and other works. Many such people live in Delhi.

Railways canceled 42 trains

Many people from Bihar travel to Delhi. But, people are still avoiding going to Delhi. Till a few days ago, a huge crowd of people used to be seen at the junction of Muzaffarpur. But, the crowd of people at the ticket counter located at the railway station has reduced. The queue of passengers has become shorter. The train going from Muzaffarpur to Delhi via Punjab and Haryana has been cancelled. 42 trains going through this route have been cancelled.

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42 trains including Muzaffarpur to Delhi Amrapali Express, Shaheed Express, Jannayak and Chandigarh Express, Saryu Jamuna Express have been cancelled. The train has been badly affected due to the rain. Many trains have been cancelled. Changes have also been made in the operation of many trains due to water logging on some railway sections of Northern Railway. Departure from Guwahati on 16.07.23 Train No. 05616 Guwahati-Udaipur City Express will remain cancelled. Apart from this, the train no. 12316 Udaipur City-Kolkata Ananya Express will remain cancelled. On July 10, the operation of 18 trains has been cancelled. In such a situation, people are waiting for improvement.

Even before this, many trains were canceled due to rain. Along with this, the route of many trains was also changed. Starting on 12.07.23 from Amritsar, train no. 15708 Amritsar-Katihar Express was diverted to run via Sabzi Mandi-New Delhi-Sahibabad. Along with this, the train no. 13006 Amritsar-Howrah Mail operation cancelled. Along with this, the train no. The operation of 12311 Howrah-Kalka Express remained cancelled. The effect of rain and monsoon is being seen on the trains. Many people are forced to cancel their confirmed tickets.

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