Bihar: BJP team reaches Patna to investigate lathicharge case, will meet Vijay Singh’s family


The BJP team has reached Patna to investigate the lathicharge that took place during BJP’s assembly march in Bihar’s capital Patna. The team first reached PMCH. It is being told that after this the team will meet the family of the deceased BJP leader Vijay Singh. A press conference has also been organized by the team at 3 pm. Along with this, the team will submit its investigation report to BJP’s central party president JP Nadda.

Lathicharge in Patna a planned conspiracy: Nityanand Rai

Senior BJP leader and Union Minister of State for Home Nityanand Rai demanded the arrest of the culprits of lathicharge. Demanding punishment to the culprits, he claimed that the state government had hatched this conspiracy to prevent the people of the state from demanding their rights and justice. He said the police lathicharge on BJP workers was a pre-planned, state-sponsored conspiracy to stop the people of Bihar from demanding their rights and justice.

Center should ask for a report on the lathicharge incident, the governor should also intervene: Vijay Sinha

Leader of Opposition in the Vidhansabha Vijay Kumar Sinha has said that we will appeal to the Central Government to take a report on the incident of lathi charge and the Governor should also intervene in it. He said that the MLAs were beaten up at the behest of the state government. All administrative officers should also be prosecuted under section 302. Now there will be continuous protest in Rajbhar.

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Police attacked without any provocation: Sushil Modi

Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Modi said that he said that during the assembly march, neither a stone was hurled, nor vandalism took place, nor did the protesters attack anyone. Despite this, without any provocation, the police brutally lathicharged.

All MLAs and MPs will register the case by using the privilege

BJP Bihar state president Samrat Chowdhary said that the BJP workers were beaten up by the district administration during the assembly march. DM-SP both have thrashed the people involved in the BJP rally after listening to the government. He said that we will go to the Supreme Court to get the culprits punished for the death of our workers.

If you throw chili powder and spray, then the administration will take action: Lallan

JDU’s National President Lalan Singh has said about the lathi charge on BJP leaders that if they break the law and try to enter the restricted area, then the law will do its work. He said that when the police will throw chilli powder, spray against the administration, then the administration will take action. He tweeted on the death of BJP’s District General Secretary Vijay Singh in Jehanabad in Patna and said that when Vijay Singh did not reach the venue, then how was he injured in the lathicharge? Godi media did not take cognizance of this, which is possible, because the media is under the control of the central government…! Lalan Singh said that Godi media is an ally of ‘Badaka Jhutha Party’ in spreading rumours. If you have courage, then someone can show video or evidence of lathicharge on Vijay Singh?

BJP’s action worrying: Shivanand Tiwari

Senior RJD leader Shivanand Tiwari has said on Friday that the BJP has made a dirty and worrying beginning of throwing chilli powder at the policemen in the protest. It can reach to throwing acid tomorrow. The people of BJP may oppose that incident as much as they want, but after two to four days, when the matter cools down, they should investigate and find out the group that threw chilli powder. Action should be taken against them.

BJP government gets murdered: Rabri Devi

In the context of a question related to the death of a BJP worker during the ruckus on July 13, former Chief Minister Rabri Devi said that it is the job of the BJP government to get the murder done. During this she was very angry. At the same time, JDU’s national general secretary and spokesperson Rajeev Ranjan has said on Friday that the workers are just political pawns for the BJP. BJP leaders only use them. By spreading nuisance during its procession on Thursday, the BJP has once again proved that the politics of violence and hysteria is in their veins. They attacked the police by infiltrating outside elements in the march. Police had to resort to lathicharge.



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