Bihar: AIIMS to be built in Darbhanga? Minister Sanjay Kumar Jha told the important thing in the assembly


The Bihar government has issued a tender for allotting free land near Shobhan-Ekmi bypass for the construction of AIIMS in Darbhanga, as well as sanctioning more than Rs 309 crore from the cabinet for earth filling, leveling and boundary wall construction. The central government team from Delhi, after inspecting the allotted land, told reporters that the land is suitable for AIIMS. Sanjay Kumar Jha, Water Resources cum Information and Public Relations Minister of Bihar Government, gave this information in the Bihar Legislative Assembly on Friday in response to MLA Akhtarul Iman’s comment that land for AIIMS in Darbhanga is not available.

‘Land for AIIMS had to be made available to the state government’

Sanjay Kumar Jha told that the central government had announced to give second AIIMS to Bihar. But, in which city it should be built, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had to decide, because the land for AIIMS was to be made available free of cost to the state government. The Chief Minister has said from the beginning that Bihar’s second AIIMS will be built in Darbhanga. During his Samadhan Yatra in January 2023, the Honorable Chief Minister did a site inspection of the identified land near Shobhan-Ekmi Bypass and found it suitable. In the cabinet meeting in the first week of March 2023, approval was given to allot the said land for AIIMS.

Approval was received for the development of the land in April: Sanjay Jha

In April, 2023, the state cabinet approved to spend a total of Rs 309 crore 29 lakh 59 thousand for filling earth in 189.17 acres of land for Darbhanga AIIMS, its leveling and construction of boundary wall. The process of tender for earth filling, leveling and construction of boundary wall on the said land has been completed by the state government. Along with this, the Water Resources Department has also given consent to give free soil from the foothills of Khiroi river and the area of ​​Bagmati river from Hanumannagar to Jatmalpur for this work.

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AIIMS land is just five km away from AMS-Darbhanga Fourlane

Sanjay Kumar Jha said that the allotted land is only five km away from the Amas-Darbhanga forelane. The Chief Minister himself has repeatedly given assurances for providing four-lane connectivity and other necessary works to the allotted land. People from any district of North Bihar will be able to reach this place easily without getting stuck in jam. Also, the place is also close to Darbhanga Airport. This will facilitate the movement of specialist doctors from India and abroad to Darbhanga AIIMS and it will be possible to bring serious patients here or take them out of here through air ambulance. Sanjay Kumar Jha said that the central team along with the officials of the state government had inspected the site of the allotted land near Shobhan-Ekmi bypass. The officers involved in the central team told reporters that they liked the allotted land, but later it is not known what happened that the central government is refusing to build AIIMS on the allotted land in Darbhanga.

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Most of the AIIMS in the country were established on vacant land.

Bihar Government’s Water Resources cum Information and Public Relations Minister Sanjay Kumar Jha said that most of the AIIMS in the country have been established in greenfield area (vacant land) only. AIIMS in Patna has been built in Phulwari Sharif, 12 km away from the city, due to which the new area has developed rapidly. With the construction of AIIMS on the city limits in Darbhanga also, the city will get a new extension. New residential and commercial complexes will be constructed in the area and new employment opportunities will be created.



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