parrot beak cut off by a fan was attached after two hours of surgery


Aligarh Parrot News: Aligarh. The curved beak of the parrot looks attractive. Due to which he also works for food, but if this beak is cut then the life of parrot becomes difficult. Pet parrot Mittu is brought up in the house of Aman, a resident of Khirni Gate in Aligarh. Ten days ago the parrot’s cage was left open, due to which the parrot started flying in the room. During this, Mithu collided with the ceiling fan. Due to which its beak was cut and the wings were also injured. The parrot was not able to eat anything due to the cut off of its beak. He had to be fed through drops. First aid was done for the injury on the wing, but the parrot was upset. Aman kept visiting the veterinarians regarding Mithu’s beak, but the veterinarians refused to join the beak. Somehow Aman reached Dr. Viram Varshney’s clinic. Dr. Viram talked about joining the parrot’s beak by surgery. The doctor made all the preparations for the surgery, because giving anesthesia to such a small bird is a matter of great care.


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