Jharkhand: A woman became a mother even after sterilization in Gumla, the couple accused doctors of negligence


Jharkhand News: The government has celebrated World Population Day on 11th July, giving the slogan of reducing the world’s population and small family is a happy family. But, due to the negligence of the doctors, this campaign does not seem to be successful. A similar case was seen in Bargaon Jindatoli village of Sisai block under Gumla district. Where even after sterilization the woman became a mother and gave birth to a baby girl. In this regard, the couple has accused the doctors of negligence.

Woman became mother even after sterilization

The victim Budhram Mahali and his wife Aarti Devi told that after having three children, Aarti got herself sterilized on July 21, 2022 at the Referral Hospital, Sisai. Whose registration number is 3526. After sterilization, he was not even given incentive amount. After a month she went to Banaras with her husband and children to work in a brick kiln. Meanwhile, when there was no menstruation for four months, she felt that this must have happened due to sterilization. By the fifth and sixth months, the stomach started showing. The couple came to know about the pregnancy after getting the test done at the Community Health Center, Kerakat, Jaunpur. Both were surprised to get pregnant even after sterilization.

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The couple sought compensation for child maintenance

The couple wanted to return home, but due to the compulsion of bread for the whole year, they could not return from there. On March 26, 2023, Aarti gave birth to a baby girl at Kerakat Health Center. Husband Budhram Mahali said that those people are very poor. Three children were sterilized in view of problems in their upbringing. Those people have very little agricultural land. Which has been mortgaged for a huge amount for the treatment of mother Jhirio Devi. Ration card has been made in the name of mother Jhirio Devi in ​​a 19-member family. In which only the names of nine members are included. All the five brothers live separately in one room with their respective families. We run our family on the basis of wages. Describing the birth of a girl child even after sterilization, Budhram and Aarti have demanded compensation for the maintenance of the child, citing the negligence of the doctor.


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