In the last 48 hours in Jamshedpur, nine people ended their lives, committed suicide on a minor issue


The incidents of suicide are continuously increasing in the city. People are gasping for breath due to the fast-paced life, problems and small things. It includes people of all ages and classes. In the changing environment, ups and downs usually keep coming in human life. Some people get defeated by them and commit suicide and embrace death. These people take the minor things that happen in the house seriously and are ready to end their lives by hanging or by consuming poisonous substances. This life is precious, don’t end it like this. In the last 48 hours, nine people in and around the city embraced death.

People of all ages committed suicide in the city and surrounding areas

Sidgoda: The company was not calling for the job, so hanged

Sanjay Saha (55) of Vijay Nagar hanged himself at home on Wednesday night. When the family members went to the room, they saw that Sanjay was hanging from the noose. He used to work in a private company. Due to illness, he was not being called for the job, due to which he was under stress for seven days.

Kadma: Went inside the room to change clothes, found hanging

Manish Kumar Singh (36) went to his room on Wednesday night and hanged himself. When the relatives went to the room to call, they saw that they were hanging from the noose. After that, he was taken to TMH in a hurry, where he died during treatment.

Kitadih: Husband had gone to school to drop the children, wife hanged herself

Poonam Chaudhary (39), who lives in Kitadih, hanged herself in the room at 8 am on Thursday. When her husband returned home, he got information about the incident. Police told that Poonam’s husband is a tempo driver. He had gone to drop the children to school in a tempo. When he returned, his wife was hanging from the noose.

Bodam: Slept in the house at night, Vishal’s dead body was found hanging in the morning

Vishal Murmu (20), a resident of Haludbani, hanged himself at home on Wednesday night. When the relatives went to wake him up on Thursday morning, they saw that he was hanging from the noose. After that the family members took him to MGM Hospital, where the doctors declared him dead.

Bagbeda: Husband went to work in bank, duty, wife committed suicide

Manju Devi (46) of Ranidih hanged herself in her house at around 2 pm on Wednesday. Her husband works in a bank. He went on duty on Wednesday, after that Manju hanged herself. When she did not open the gate in the afternoon, the door was broken.

Kovali: Fakre Alam’s dead body found in the pond, fear of suicide

The dead body of Fakre Alam (50), a resident of Haldipokhar Muslim Basti, has been recovered from the pond. Many documents have been found in his pocket. The police are suspecting that he has committed suicide by jumping into the pond.

Adityapur: Ingested pesticide, died in hospital

1. Riya Kumari (16) got angry over a small matter and committed suicide by consuming insecticide. The incident has been reported at 11 am on Thursday. After the incident, Riya was taken to Sadar Hospital for treatment, where she died during treatment.

2. Was training while staying at my brother’s place, hanged himself

Divyanshu Kumar (17) of Jai Prakash Nagar hanged himself. He was training in the Indo-Danish tool room while staying at my cousin’s house. Committed suicide on Wednesday night.

Mango: Worker’s College student commits suicide

Roshan Kumar (21), a resident of Post Office Road Gaur Basti, hanged himself in his own house on Wednesday. He was a third year BA student at Workers’ College. The reason for committing suicide could not be ascertained.

experts say

talk to get out of trouble

If the thought of committing suicide ever comes to your mind, then first of all try to get it out of your mind. There is a need to know about why tension is arising in your mind. The biggest reason for suicide is stress. People are unable to share their thoughts, due to which they take such a step. When such a feeling comes to your mind, first of all talk to any of your acquaintances. This will reduce your stress. Talk to people in the house. Increase communication, so that the family members know about your problems.

– Dr. Mahavir Ram, Founder, Jeevan Sanstha

Communication is very important in the family

Lack, depression and intoxication, these three reasons often motivate a person to commit suicide. At the same time, lack of tolerance and lack of communication in children also motivates them towards this trend. Due to being a nuclear family, there has been a lack of communication between the family members. People are not able to share their problems with each other. This increases their stress level. People have lacked tolerance. Because of which the children have started reacting to everything. Parents and family members should keep communicating with the children.

– Dr. Nidhi Srivastava, Psychologist

stay away from stress

There is no single reason for suicide. In most cases stress is the reason. People also commit suicide due to depression, intoxication and mental illness etc. In such a situation, first of all people need to be aware. If you see your family or people around you suffering from mental illness, then first of all get them treated by a psychiatrist. If suddenly someone starts remaining calm, then find out about its reason. Try to relieve her stress.

Dr Deepak Giri, Psychiatrist

embrace spirituality

Parents should understand the point of children. You should not always impose your point. Children have their own wishes and desires. It should always be taken care of. Today’s children feel lonely because of the nuclear family. There is no one to understand his mind. That’s why parents should give time to children. At the age of nine-ten years, children need friends. Only parents can become his friends. Try to connect the children with the Supreme Friend i.e. God. Spirituality enables. Gives strength to bear everything.

-Anju Didi, Brahmakumari, Kolhan Chief


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