Bihar: Flight from Darbhanga airport to Mumbai canceled, service canceled from July 10 to August 2, know the reason


Bihar News: The flight service to Mumbai has been canceled from the airport located in Darbhanga district of Bihar. The flight from Darbhanga to Mumbai will remain canceled from July 16 to August 2. For this reason, the passengers who have made bookings to go to Mumbai between July 16 and August 2. They may have to face problems. The company providing air service from Darbhanga to Mumbai has shared the information that the flight service has been cancelled. It has been said by the company that the flight is not available during this period.

Service canceled due to non-availability of flight

Due to non-availability of flights, the service has been canceled by the company till August 2. At the same time, many passengers had made bookings for 16 July. There are many people who are thinking of traveling during this time. Such people may have to face trouble. Because, now there can be a problem in getting the service of the flight. Please tell that if someone has booked a ticket to go from Darbhanga to Mumbai after July 16, then they will have to cancel it. Many passengers contacted by calling customer care. After this, he got information about the cancellation of the flight.

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trouble due to technical fault

Customers have received information that their flight has been cancelled. According to the customers, flight booking agents are advising many customers to book tickets from Patna. They are being informed that their flight has been canceled due to technical fault. It may be known that earlier also the Darbhanga to Bangalore flight was cancelled. It was canceled for several days. But, after this the service was started again. This service was not canceled for a long time. The passengers had to face a lot of problems even during that time. After this, now the flight service from Darbhanga to Mumbai has been cancelled. Due to this the passenger is upset.

passengers are spending more

In the month of Sawan, special trains have also been started regarding the rush of trains. At the same time, there is a lot of crowd in the trains too. There is a shortage of tickets in the train going to Mumbai. Because of this people are facing a lot of problems. The passenger is helpless. His problem is that to go from Darbhanga to Mumbai, first take a ticket to another city. After that he should book tickets for Mumbai. To book tickets for Mumbai, passengers have to go to Mumbai after booking tickets from Darbhanga to another city. Because of this, they are also spending more. Also time is being wasted.

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Lack of facilities in the best airport

Darbhanga airport is number one in the country on the basis of record number of passengers in the airport opened under Udaan scheme. There is a lack of facilities in this successful airport of India. On the other hand, going anywhere from here to Delhi or Mumbai is the most expensive journey in the country. SpiceJet has almost a monopoly at the airport due to the terms of the flight plan. Here the matter of continuous increase in rent also comes to the fore. Due to this, resentment is also seen among the passengers. Here the news of increase in rent continuously comes to the fore.

Passengers have trouble going directly to Mumbai

Suddenly the service between Darbhanga and Mumbai has been canceled amid dwindling number of flights. The service has been canceled till August 2. Earlier the flight service to Bengaluru was cancelled. At present, passengers are facing difficulty in going directly to Mumbai. According to the passengers, they have to pay both time and money for no fault of theirs. According to the passengers, before the Corona period, there used to be movement of more than a dozen planes from here, which has come down to half a dozen now. The fare has also been increased manifold as compared to earlier. Let us tell you that SpiceJet had suddenly canceled its service between Darbhanga and Bengaluru in the month of June amidst the dwindling number of aircraft. At first it was told that this service has been canceled till June 6, but ticket booking remained canceled for the whole month of June on its site. But, later it was started. Now the service to Mumbai has been cancelled.

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