Agra: Hearing the news of becoming a father, the family rejoiced, bad news came from home the very next moment.


Agra: Thieves committed a theft incident on Thursday night in a house located in B Block of Trans Yamuna Colony Phase One. By breaking the latch of the main door of the house, the thieves entered inside the house and reached up to 2 rooms. The thieves also broke the latches of both the rooms and ran away with all the goods kept inside. In the morning when Shubham’s cousin Rahul, who lives in the house, reached home at around 9 am. Then he came to know about this theft. After which he informed his family members and the police about the incident. The police is engaged in the investigation of the whole matter.

Shubham’s wife Manju, a resident of B 452 in Trans Yamuna Phase One, was pregnant and was about to deliver. In such a situation, Shubham’s grandmother Khillo Devi, Shubham and his wife, who were living in the house, reached Lady Loyal on Thursday evening by locking the house. No one was present in the house, taking advantage of which the thieves committed the theft.

When Shivam’s cousin Rahul came home, he found the latch of the main door broken. In such a situation, he informed the people around. When he went upstairs with two-three people, the latches of both the rooms were also broken. The doors were open and things were scattered in the room. Rahul told that he informed about this incident to his family members and also gave it to the police. Police has come on the spot.

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At present, only the grandmother will be able to give correct information about how much gold, silver and other things have disappeared from the house and what is its value. However, according to the status quo, there is a possibility of theft of goods worth lakhs of rupees. The police who reached the spot are engaged in the investigation and are also scanning the footage of the nearby CCTV cameras.



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