ego in relationship if you want to keep relationship alive then leave the ego with care mkh


Ego In Relationship: ‘How much have you changed, now there is no love between us like before’. How many people are seen saying this to their life partner. One doesn’t get tired of giving his explanation, while the other cries out for himself. But have you ever wondered why such situations happen? The biggest reason for this is lack of communication with each other, misunderstanding and arrogance. If the mutual relationship is to be strengthened, then first of all the partners should trust each other and respect each other’s feelings. With such an initiative, there will be no place for arrogance anywhere. However, you cannot ignore the ego in human nature. Whenever we only think about our feelings for ourselves. It shows that you only care about yourself. This will create negative feelings. Arrogance will arise and relationship will be weakened by increasing daily talk. What is the harm if the relationship is saved by taking a little initiative. First of all, identify what is your problem.


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