‘Don’t use the roads around Yamuna river’, Arvind Kejriwal appeals to the people of Delhi


The water level of Yamuna is increasing rapidly in the last three days in Delhi. Due to release of water from Hathini Kund barrage, the water level of Yamuna river has increased. Water entered houses in many areas of Delhi. According to the Central Water Commission (CWC), the water level of Yamuna in Delhi reached a record 208.48 meters at 8 am on Thursday. It is expected to reach 208.75 meters by 4 pm. People living around Yamuna river are facing a lot of difficulties. Due to rising water level of Yamuna, not only humans but animals are also facing problems. Water has also been filled in the Gaushala near Kashmere Gate.

Arvind Kejriwal urged the Center to intervene

With the situation worsening with every passing hour, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has urged the Center to intervene. In a letter to Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Kejriwal requested, “If possible, release water from Hathinikund Barrage in Haryana at a limited speed.” will not go. Together we all have to save the people of Delhi from this situation.

Kejriwal did the request of the people of Delhi

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has asked people not to use the roads around the river after the water level in Yamuna rose to 208.48 metres. Kejriwal is constantly keeping his point through tweets. He tweeted that the water level of Yamuna is increasing continuously. Now the water has reached 208.46 meters. Due to rising water level, you are requested not to go on these routes. People are being evacuated from the populated areas where there is water. The people living there are requested to cooperate with the administration. Saving lives of people is most important.

Government and private schools will remain closed

In his second tweet, Kejriwal said that due to rising water level in Yamuna, Wazirabad, Chandrawal and Okhla water treatment plants have to be closed. Due to this there will be water problem in some areas of Delhi. As soon as the water of Yamuna decreases, we will try to start them as soon as possible. In another tweet, Kejriwal has said to close all government and private schools in the areas of Delhi where water is filling up. Apart from this, in his other tweet, he has appealed to all the volunteers, councilors, MLAs and all other people to visit the relief camps and provide all possible help. He has appealed to all the people of Delhi to cooperate with each other in every possible way in this emergency.


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