Bihar: Valusi gang goons used to insult publicly for not repaying the loan of 1300, the woman committed suicide after getting hurt


Fed up of harassment, a woman committed suicide after not repaying an installment of Rs 1300 weekly loan at Sagardh under Kadwa police station area in Katihar, Bihar. Putul Devi, wife of Sanjit Sah, a resident of Sagarth, Kadwa, was hurt due to harassment and insult on behalf of the loan holder personnel for the payment of weekly installments. He committed suicide by hanging himself on Tuesday night. The relatives informed the Kadwa police station about the incident. As soon as the information was received, the police reached the spot and while investigating the matter sent the dead body to Sadar Hospital for postmortem.

Putul Devi had taken a group loan of Rs 75,000 seven months back from private finance company Utkarsh. Paid the weekly installment of Rs.1330 fixed by the bank for five months. The family alleges that Putul Devi was insulted for not paying an instalment. Husband Sanjit said that on Tuesday late evening bank worker Rudra Yadav came to his house with some colleagues and women of the group. He had gone out of the village to bring his mother. Putul told the bank personnel that he would pay the installment next week. The bank employees kept pressurizing him to pay the installment.

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Due to the inability of the victim, the bank employees started telling lies and insulting her. After this, the bank employee along with the women in the group said that if you cannot give the money, then give up your life. Your entire loan will be forgiven. Hurt by this, Putul Devi committed suicide on Tuesday night by putting a noose around her neck after putting her two children to sleep in a separate room. In the morning, when husband’s elder brother Ranjit saw the mannequin hanging from the noose, he informed the villagers and his brother about it. After this, the villagers gave this information to the Kadwa police station. Kadwa Police Station President Vijay Kumar Yadav said that the woman’s suicide has been reported. Whether it is a case of suicide or abetment to murder, it will be investigated. On the basis of the application of the family members, the police will take further action by registering a case.

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