VIDEO: Flood victim woman slaps JJP MLA, went to visit the affected area


in Haryana flood While visiting the affected area, JJP (Jannayak Janata Party) MLA Ishwar Singh was slapped hard by a flood-hit woman. The video of the woman slapping the MLA is fast going viral on social media.

The MLA had gone to know the condition of the flood victims, had to run away from the village

The Ghaggar river is in spate, due to which flood water entered the Bhatiya village of Haryana. Local people are facing problems. Many people became homeless. Meanwhile, Jannayak Janata Party MLA Ishwar Singh reached Bhatia village after visiting the flood area and inquired about the condition of the affected villagers. But he had to face the anger of the villagers. The people of the village were very angry with the MLA. A flood-afflicted woman did not like the MLA’s words and slapped Ishwar Singh hard. Even Netaji did not understand what would happen to him all of a sudden. Later the MLA’s bodyguards made him sit on the car and returned from the village.

Why are the villagers angry

In fact, due to the breaking of the barrier, flood water filled Bhatia village from all sides. Due to which the village got submerged. The people of the village are facing a lot of trouble. It is alleged that when the people of the village demanded JCB, the administration refused to give it. Due to which the people of the village got angry with the administration and the MLA.

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#WATCH , Haryana: In a viral video, a flood victim can be seen slapping JJP (Jannayak Janta Party) MLA Ishwar Singh in Guhla as he visited the flood affected areas"Why have you come now?"asks the flood victim.

— ANI (@ANI) July 12, 2023

So far 18 people have died due to rain in Haryana

So far 18 people have died due to heavy rains and floods in Punjab and Haryana. In which seven deaths occurred in Haryana. According to government data, with the death of three people in Faridkot district, the death toll in rain-related incidents in Punjab has risen to 11.

Heavy rains left a trail of devastation behind

The heavy rains have left behind a scene of devastation, property worth crores has been destroyed and fields have been submerged. In Punjab, in the last three days, about 10,000 people have been evacuated from waterlogged areas to safer places. People have been evacuated from Patiala, Rupnagar, Moga, Ludhiana, Mohali, SBS Nagar and Fatehgarh Sahib districts. With the help of the Army, the State Disaster Management Team, NDRF and various government departments are engaged in relief and rescue work.

Rail service also disrupted due to heavy rains

Rail service has also been affected due to heavy rains. Railway officials of Ambala told that the world heritage Kalka-Shimla rail section is obstructed by falling trees and debris at various places. Rail service has been stopped on this route till 16th July. Officials said that soil has washed away from under the railway line in Ghastipur on the Ambala-Saharanpur road, which has caused a lot of damage. Due to this, 30 trains had to be canceled on Tuesday and six trains were operated on the diverted route.


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