Surat: There will be water cut on 14th in Govalak, Bamroli area


D.I.C.L. of 750 mm diameter near Sonal Industry in Udhna Chikuwadi area of ​​Udhna Zone of Surat Municipal Corporation. The work of transferring the nozzles to MS is to be done. Therefore, on Friday, July 14, water supply will not be done in old Bamroli and Gowalk areas. Due to this, the municipality has appealed to the people living in these two areas to store water according to their need and use water as little as possible on this day.

D.I.C.L. of 750 mm diameter on three roads near Sonal Industry of Udhna (Chikuwadi) water distribution station in Udhna Zone area of ​​Surat Municipal Corporation. The work of converting the duct to MS duct will be done. This operation will be run on July 14 from 8 am to 10 pm. During this action, there will be no water supply in the evening in areas like Ashapuri Society, Ashapuri Nagar, Ambika Nagar, Devendra Nagar, Ganpat Nagar, Karsan Nagar, Heera Nagar and Karmayogi Society etc. in Udhna zone area, Old Bamroli and Gowalk. , Apart from this, there can be water supply on July 15 due to low pressure. For this reason, the people of this area have been requested to store water according to the requirement and use water sparingly.


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