Jharkhand: 6 people including child died in separate incidents in Gumla district, wave of mourning among family members


Gumla, Durjay Paswan: Six people died in separate incidents in Gumla district. Police recovered all the dead bodies and got the postmortem done. After this the dead bodies were handed over to their relatives. There is also a child among the dead. There is grief in the families of all these deaths. Two died due to drowning in the well, one due to pounding paddy, one due to poisoning. While a young man from Gumla died in Haryana. His dead body was found in the room.

Woman dies due to paddy threshing machine

Rinki Devi (38 years), wife of Dwarka Sai, a resident of Peepal Chowk, MLA Road, Chainpur police station area of ​​Gumla, died after being cut by a paddy threshing machine. According to the information, Rinki Devi does the job of PLB. On Wednesday evening she returned home after doing her work. In the same sequence, his scarf got stuck in the paddy threshing machine. After which Paddy got hit by the machine and many parts of his body got serious injuries. After which the relatives hurriedly brought him to the Chainpur Community Health Center. Where the doctors referred Gumla Hospital after first aid. The injured was brought to Gumla Hospital. Where Rinki Devi died during treatment.

child died due to drowning in well

On the other hand, Mohit Oraon, the four-year-old son of Amit Oraon, a resident of Podhatoli of Fasia Panchayat, died due to drowning in the well. According to the information, Mohit was playing with his friends at some distance from the house. In this sequence, the child drowned in the well. On whose information the family members hurriedly took him out of the well and brought him to Gumla Sadar Hospital. Where the doctors declared him dead. At the same time, after the incident, the family members are in bad condition by crying.

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Vijay Soreng died after being hit by a train

Police recovered the dead body of a 35-year-old youth from the railway line near Kurkura railway station and Koyal Bridge Gurjandih village. Which was sent to Sadar Hospital, Gumla for postmortem. The dead youth was identified on Wednesday as Vijay Soreng, a resident of Jharo village of Kamdara police station area. Giving the information crisp police station Shariq Ali said that the young man was mentally deranged. Had gone to crisp market on Monday. After drinking alcohol, he fell asleep on the railway track itself. Due to which both hands and legs were cut off from a train. In the morning, on the information of the villagers, after going to the spot, it was seen that the dead body of mentally deranged Vijay Soreng was lying. Here, the relatives of the deceased came to Kurkura police station and informed about the matter.

Old man died due to drowning in the well

Ghuda Oraon (65 years), a resident of Anjan Semardih village of Gumla Sadar police station, died on Wednesday after falling into a well and drowning. He was pulled out of the well with the help of the villagers. After which the police was informed. As soon as the information was received, the police reached the spot and took the dead body in custody and sent it to Sadar Hospital Gumla for postmortem. In relation to the incident, the family members of the deceased told that on Wednesday morning, while filling water to wash hands and feet in the well, the horse Uraon Datuvan slipped and fell. Where he died due to drowning.

Troubled by illness, the middle-aged man committed suicide

Dilip Lakda (50 years), a resident of Nawagarh Bhandartoli of Raidih police station, died during treatment at 2 o’clock in the night. After getting the information, the police reached the Sadar Hospital, took the dead body in possession and handed it over to the relatives after getting the post-mortem done. Relatives told that Dilip was alone at home on Tuesday afternoon. His wife had gone to the farm to work. The children had all gone to school. Relatives told that the deceased was troubled by some illness. He expressed apprehension that due to the same illness, Dilip consumed insecticide. Due to which he became serious. In a hurry, he was admitted to Sadar Hospital. Where he died during treatment.

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Chainpur laborer died in Haryana

Kamal Kujur, a 24-year-old laborer from Dahudgaon of Malam Panchayat located in Chainpur block, died in Haryana. The laborer used to work in JMW Company in Rewari, Haryana. His body was found from his room at eight o’clock on Wednesday morning. After the information of Kamal’s death, the family members are in bad condition by crying. Regarding the demand of bringing the dead body, the relatives came to the labor union CFTUI office, Palkot Road, Shantinagar and submitted a written application.


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