In Noida, 8-year-old son saw his mother in suspicious condition with her lover, together they crossed the limits of cruelty.


Lucknow. A shocking incident is coming to the fore from Noida in Uttar Pradesh. Where a woman killed her 8-year-old son along with her lover. The mother and her lover had thrown the dead body 150 km away in Sambhal district to hide the dead body of the son. Taking action after the incident, the police arrested the mother and her lover. The woman is accused of killing her child after knowing about the illegal relationship. While disclosing the matter, the police arrested 4 people including the woman.

Revealed from the post mortem report

According to the information, the whole matter is related to Noida police station Badalpur area. On July 5, a person named Kalyan lodged a complaint about the missing of his 8-year-old son Ankit at the Badalpur police station. Ankit was missing since July 2. It is being told that on July 7, the body of missing Ankit was found on the roadside in Sambhal district. The police got the postmortem done on the child’s body. The post-mortem report revealed that an attempt was made to kill the child by first poisoning him. But when death did not happen, he was killed by drowning in water.

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Mother killed her son along with her lover

While investigating the case, the police have arrested the child’s mother Bhuri, uncle Manak, Bhuri’s lover Ompal and Bhuri’s niece’s father-in-law Amar Singh on charges of murder. The woman has accepted during interrogation that she had an illegal relationship with Ompal. The child had seen him in an objectionable state. When the child went to his village, he told the whole incident to his uncle Manak. But Manak also had an alleged illicit relationship with Bhuri. Manak told the whole thing to his sister-in-law. After which she became alert and tried to kill the child by feeding him poisonous substance. But he did not die. After this, he killed the child by drowning it in water. Then the dead body was thrown on the side of the road. The police arrested all four and sent them to jail.



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