Bihar Weather: There will be heavy rain in these districts of Bihar for the next five days, Meteorological Department released forecast


Due to the absence of any special monsoon system in Bihar, the entire state, especially South Bihar, is not getting good rains. For the next five days, only scattered rains are expected in South Bihar. However, the spell of rain will continue in North Bihar. According to the forecast of IMD, moderate to heavy rains are expected in North Bihar, especially in North-East, North-West, and North Central. There is a possibility of good rain in these places for the next 48 hours.

Heavy rain expected in these districts

According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of heavy rains in Sitamarhi, Madhubani, West Champaran, East Champaran, Darbhanga, Siwan and Shivhar of North Bihar around July 13 and 14. The possibility of lightning has also been expressed in some places of these districts. Along with this, information has been given about continuous cloudy weather.

Monsoon upset from South Bihar

According to the official information released by IMD, the effect of monsoon in South Bihar is almost negligible. Active in North Bihar. Although his activism includes Thunder Storm activities. Due to this, there is a possibility of thunder in many parts of Bihar. Bihar has recorded 30 percent less rainfall than normal.

Average 5 mm rain in Bihar on Tuesday

According to IMD, a total of 13 districts in Bihar have received normal or more rainfall. At the same time, 25 districts have received much less rainfall than normal. An average of 5 mm of rain has been recorded across Bihar on Tuesday. Heavy rains have been recorded at some places in North-East Bihar.

Crocodile terror in Bihar’s Bagaha, swallowed alive an old man washing his hands and feet on the banks of the canal

The humid heat made the situation miserable

Due to less rain in many areas of South Bihar, people are feeling the humid heat. Where the life has become completely disturbed due to the severe weather. The unique game of scorching sun and shade and the game of hide and seek between the Sun God and the clouds in the sky has affected the lives of the people. Clouds are visible in the sky, but due to lack of rain, people are troubled day and night due to the humid heat.



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