Bareilly ‘washed in the rain of smart city’, roads full, water entered houses and shops


Bareilly: Bareilly of Uttar Pradesh has been selected in the Smart City. About Rs 500 crore has been spent on making Bareilly a smart city, while another Rs 500 crore is being spent on several projects in the city. But the Bareilly Smart City has been washed away in the monsoon rains. The roads of the city are full of rain water. Due to which it is difficult for the people to leave, then water has entered the houses and shops of all the areas of the city.

Every year Bareilly Municipal Corporation used to clean the drains of the city. This time the drains of the smart city were not cleaned. Due to which the cleaning system of smart city’s drains has been exposed in the early monsoon rains itself. In the city’s Madinath, Old City, Jagatpur, Panbariya, Sanjaynagar, Shanti Nagar Colony of Badaun Road, localities etc. have been flooded. The roads here are full of water, so the dirty water entered the shops as well. It started raining heavily since Wednesday morning. While on Tuesday also it was drizzling throughout the day. The city’s markets and localities were submerged in a few minutes. The water of drains and drains overflowed and came on the roads. In the low-lying areas of the city, water from rain and drains filled many houses. Roads in many areas including Madinath, Jagatpur, Shanti Vihar have been flooded. People are facing a lot of trouble due to waterlogging.

mud on city streets

The work of laying sewer line is going on in some parts of Bareilly. Along with this, sewer has been lying in many places. The contractors have dug up the roads at various places. It got muddy here because of the rain. Vehicles from these roads are a distant thing. It has become difficult for the people to move even on foot. The roads of Madinath, Jagatpur, and the old city are full of mud. Drivers are facing difficulty in passing.

75 kg tomato in Bareilly Delapir Mandi, Agricultural Produce Market Committee sold by setting up camp

uprooted roads

Before the rains, new roads were laid on many routes of the city. However, many roads including City Station Road, Satipur to Bharatul, Badaun Road, and Chaurasi Ghanta Mandir have been uprooted. The gravel used in road construction has come on the roads. Accidents have started happening because of this.

Potholes not filled even before Kavad

Before the start of Sawan, Commissioner Saumya Aggarwal had warned that there should be no potholes on the roads on the route of the Kavadis. She was warned to suspend the concerned JE, AE if potholes were found. But even after this, most of the roads in the city Potholes have not been filled.

Report Muhammad Sajid, Bareilly



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