VIP’s family is growing in Bihar, many student leaders including former state vice president of Student JDU joined the party


Student leader Nishant Singh, former State Vice President (Student Cell) JDU, youth leader Roshan Sahni and Priya Singh along with hundreds of their supporters joined the VIP party at a meeting held on Tuesday at the Vikassheel Insaan Party (VIP) state office. Mukesh Sahni, the founder and former minister of VIP party got them all to join the party.

Youth’s attraction towards VIP increased

While welcoming these young student leaders to the party, the VIP chief said that it is a good sign for the youth to enter politics. He said that due to the policy and working style of VIP today, the attraction towards VIP has increased among the youth. He said that today most of the youth do not want to join politics, but today people are getting influenced by the working style of VIPs. Mukesh Sahni said that within five years VIP has made its mark in Bihar, he thanked the workers for this.

what did the student leader say

Nishant Singh, former state vice-president of JDU student cell, said that being impressed by the working style of VIP, he has taken membership of this party. Singh, who is interested in social work, said that whatever responsibility he gets in the party, he will follow it.

Youth leader Roshan Sahni has also been associated with social work. Sahni, associated with a social organization, believes that Mukesh Sahni has given a new destination to the politics of Bihar, rather has brought it on a new pattern. He said that he has become the voice of the people standing at the last rung of the society.

Young leader Priya Singh also joined VIP today. Priya Singh’s father Umashankar Singh was associated with the JP movement. Priya said that she has been a fan of Mukesh Sahni since the beginning. He thanked Mukesh Sahni for getting him the membership of the party.

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VIP will take its graph much further: Dev Jyoti

On this occasion, the party’s national spokesperson Dev Jyoti said that the way VIP’s popularity is increasing, it is expected that VIP will take its graph much further in the coming elections.



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