There will be proper arrangements for entertainment in Malmas Mela of Rajgir, audition for the presentation of artists


Preparations for Rajgir State Malmas Fair 2023 are in full swing. From the administration to various businessmen, they have slowly started setting up their temporary shops in Rajgir. For the purpose of arranging free entertainment for the visitors coming to Malmas Mela, a stage will be organized to present the art of local artists. Various cultural programs will be organized in this.

Audition for the presentation of artists

Out of the 28 days of the Malmas fair, cultural programs will be organized on nine days courtesy of the Art-Culture and Youth Department. On the remaining 19 dates, presentations will be given on the same stage by various government, non-government and local artists of Nalanda district through the district administration. For the selection of these productions, auditions and screening were done by the children of many government schools at Nagar Bhavan on Tuesday.

Private local artists will be screened on July 14

Earlier, private schools, colleges and local artistes were to be screened on 12th July, but due to unavoidable reasons, that date has now been fixed on 14th July. All the concerned private schools, colleges and local artistes have been requested by the district administration to place their houses in Nagar Bhawan, also known as Karpoori Bhawan or Town Hall. Attend the screening by being present on 14 July 2023 at 10:00 am. So that proper entertainment can be provided to the devotees and devotees who come to Malmas Mela.

State Malmas fair will start on this day with flag hoisting in Rajgir, Peethadhishwar of many pilgrimages, Saint Mahant will be included

Four medical officers deputed in Malmas Mela Rajgir

Here, the Health Department of Bihar has deputed four medical officers under Civil Surgeon Nalanda for Malmas Mela. According to the order issued by the department, cardiologists Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Dr. Rampravesh Chowdhary, gynecologists Dr. Sneh Priya and Dr. Sushma Kumari have been deputed to the civil surgeon’s office. All these doctors will treat patients in the Malmas fair which lasts for one month.



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