Teachers cheated crores in the name of getting land in Patna, police arrested and sent to jail, know the whole matter


In Bahadurpur and Kanti Factory Road of Patna, a case of cheating of 2.48 crores has come to light from four people in the name of giving land of Bihar State Housing Board at a very low price. After which the Kadamkuan police arrested two accused teachers Kamta Prasad and Anuj Kishore Prasad. Both are working as vocational teachers in Jalan High School, Patna City. Anuj Kisher has also been awarded by the President.

Police arrested both from school

The police caught both the teachers on Tuesday from the Jalan High School premises itself. Kamta Prasad is a native of Chakvay village under Warsaliganj police station of Nawada. Here he has his own house in Kanti Factory Road. While Anuj is a resident of Fallipar village of Karayaparshurai police station in Nalanda district. He lives here in Chanakya Nagar. An FIR was lodged against these people on February 1, 2023 by Kadamkuan businessman Arun Kumar. Kadamkuan police station chief Vimalendu confirmed the arrest.

cheated many others

These teachers have also cheated many other people in the name of getting land. After the arrest of these two, many other people also reached the police station and told the police that they too had been cheated. The victims of fraud included Dr. Nirupama Singh, Principal of B.Ed College in Chandi, Dharmendra Kumar, Manoj Kumar, residents of Jaganpura etc.

The cost of one thousand square feet of land was 85 lakhs.

It is told that in Bahadurpur and Kanti Factory Road where they were showing the land, for that one thousand square feet of land was cheaper for 85 lakhs. Due to this people showed interest and gave money. Kadamkuan resident Arun Kumar told that the price of one thousand square feet land was fixed at 85 lakhs. I had given Rs 51.50 lakh in February 2021 itself. But both these teachers did not register. When the information was taken, it was found that the land is in the name of Vishnudev Prasad, a resident of Murtajapur village under Belchhi police station. After this, Anuj assured to register a house in his wife’s name. But that too did not happen.

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Cheating with these people in the name of land

Dr. Nirupama Singh, Principal of B.Ed College and resident of Ramakrishna Nagar, told that in July, 2021, Rs 70 lakh was given to both of them regarding the land of LIG Colony of Kanti Factory Road. Manej Kumar, who became a victim of the fraud, said that these people had taken Rs 92 lakh in the name of giving 1000 square feet of housing board land in Kanti Factory Road. But neither the money was received back nor the registration of the land was done. Dharmendra Kumar, a resident of Jaganpura, said that in the year 2018, Rs 35 lakh was given by the Housing Board for one thousand square feet of LIG land.

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