India’s role important in efforts to bring lasting peace in Ukraine, America praised


The US has welcomed India’s role in helping to bring lasting peace in Ukraine. State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said at a press conference that a strategic failure for Russia, in which there has been a huge loss of both military personnel as well as military equipment. His reputation in the world was affected. We have seen that its economy has collapsed due to the sanctions and export restrictions imposed by us.

State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said in response to a question about what other countries of the world can do, in this regard, I would say that we welcome the international support that Ukraine has received since the beginning of this conflict. He said that we welcome the role that India or any other country can play in helping to bring about a just and lasting peace that recognizes the territorial integrity of Ukraine and the sovereignty of Ukraine. The US believes that the war in Ukraine has been a strategic failure.

500 days of war completed

Let us tell you that on Saturday, 500 days had passed since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy praised the country’s troops in a video from Snake Island in the Black Sea on Saturday marking 500 days of war with Russia. Zelenskyy expressed his respect for the Ukrainian soldiers who fought for the island and all other defenders of the country, saying that regaining control of the island is a great proof that Ukraine will regain every part of its territory.

how the war started

The Russian army seized the island on February 24, 2022, the day it launched the invasion, and wanted to use it as a staging ground for an assault on Odessa, Ukraine’s largest port and the headquarters of its navy. . The Ukrainian military there heavily bombarded the Russian side, forcing Russian troops to withdraw from the island on June 30, 2022.


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