BIS mark mandatory for lighters and water bottles, big decision of central government


The government has issued mandatory quality norms for potable water bottles and flame lighters with an aim to prevent import of substandard items and promote domestic manufacturing of these products. In this regard, the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) had issued a notification on 5 July. Under these Quality Control Orders (QCO), the two items cannot be produced, sold/traded, imported and stocked unless they bear the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) mark.

Imprisonment up to two years or fine of not less than Rs 2 lakh

Now, manufacturing, storage and sale of non-BIS certified products is prohibited as per the BIS Act, 2016. Violation of the provision of the BIS Act can lead to imprisonment of up to two years or a fine of not less than Rs 2 lakh in case of a first offence. In case of second and subsequent offence, the fine shall increase to a minimum of Rs 5 lakh and a maximum of ten times the value of the goods or articles.

Will be effective after six months from the date of notification issued

DPIIT said in its statement today that, the Quality Control Order will be effective after six months from the date of notification issued. The move is aimed at strengthening the quality environment in India and enhancing public health and consumer protection. Last month, the government also banned the import of cigarette lighters costing less than Rs 20. Most of these lighters cost less than Rs 5 per unit.


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