75 kg tomato in Bareilly Delapir Mandi, Agricultural Produce Market Committee sold by setting up camp


Bareilly. Along with Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh, there has been an outcry over the price rise of tomatoes across the country. But, on Tuesday, the Bareilly Agricultural Produce Market Committee organized a camp and sold tomatoes at a price of Rs 75 per kg. There was a crowd of buyers on the information of getting tomatoes at a cheap price. However, common shopkeepers are selling tomatoes at a price of Rs 140 to 160 per kg. Due to the rising prices of tomatoes, there is a huge decrease in the number of buyers. Chairman of Bareilly Delapir-e-Mandi Committee, Shuja Urrahman said that tomatoes will be sold daily by setting up camps at cheap prices in the Mandi Committee. Any customer can come and buy. On Tuesday too, tomatoes were sold over the counter. This process will continue even further.

There was no reduction in the prices of green vegetables

Due to rain, the paths of the fields have been filled with water. Because of this, vegetables are not reaching the vegetable market. That’s why the prices of green vegetables have increased. Ginger has reached Rs 250 per kg in the vegetable market. The price of okra is 15 to 18 rupees to 35 rupees, ridge gourd 15 to 30 rupees, bottle gourd 10 to 15-20 rupees, green chili 25 to 45 rupees, green coriander 50 to 100 rupees, onion 20 to 30 rupees and old potato. 1000 to 1300 rupees has reached the quintal.

Inflation hits pulses too

The common man is troubled by the inflation. After green vegetables, the prices of pulses have also started going out of control. The wholesale price of tur dal, which was sold for Rs 80 to 100 per kg in Bareilly market, has gone up to Rs 145 to 150 per kg. It ranges from 165 to 175 rupees per kg in retail. Along with this, gram sold for 70 to 80 rupees per kg. Now it is being sold for 100 to 110 rupees per kg. Red chili has reached 280 to 350 rupees per kg. Apart from this, the price of pulses like moong, urad, masoor etc. has also increased.

cumin broke the record

There is a tempering of cumin seeds in pulses and vegetables. Only after this comes the taste. But cumin has also become expensive. The price of cumin has come up to Rs 700 per kg, which is beyond the reach of the common man.

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Fruit prices increased in Sawan

People of Hindu society keep fast in the month of Sawan. The demand for whose fruits increases. Due to monsoon in Bareilly, the prices of all fruits including apple, banana, mango have increased.

Report- Muhammad Sajid Bareilly

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