Traffic diversion on Sawan Monday in these districts including Ayodhya-Kanpur, Genda, leave home only after seeing the route today


Ayodhya. On the first Monday of the month of Sawan, on July 10, traffic police have implemented route diversion in view of the large number of devotees thronging Ramnagari for Saryu Snan and Jalabhishek at Nageshwarnath and other pagodas. However, the officers on duty have been asked to comply with the diversion based on the pressure of the crowd. It was told by the police office that on the first Monday of Sawan, traffic restrictions have been implemented from 8 am on Sunday, except for vehicles connected with essential services, which will continue till Tuesday afternoon.

see route chart

During this time the entry of vehicles will be restricted in Ramnagari and commercial vehicles coming to Ayodhya Dham from Faizabad city will stop from Auto-Vikram Gupta Hotel intersection to Mahobra intersection, Ashif Bagh intersection, Ramghat intersection and vehicles of Ayodhya Dham residents via Parikrama Marg via gas godown, After going through Chakratirth and Mahobra, you will reach your destination.

Traffic diversion implemented on the first Monday of Sawan

All types of vehicles coming from Gonda side will be diverted towards Lolpur Basti from Lakadmandi intersection and all types of vehicles coming from outside district will be allowed to come till Hanumangufa. The entry of all types of vehicles will be strictly prohibited from Bandha Tiraha Nayaghat in Ramnagari, Deenbandhu Hospital to Chhoti Chawni, Ramghat intersection to Hanumangarhi and Shri Ram Hospital trisection to Hanumangarhi intersection.

see traffic diversion here

On every Monday during the month of Sawan, the kanwar is taken by the devotees to the Lodheshwar Mahadev Temple in Barabanki district. In view of this, heavy vehicles going from Barabanki to Gorakhpur via Kanpur to Lucknow will be able to go from Haidergarh to Purvachal Expressway to Gorakhpur from Lalukheda turn in Unnao border itself.

traffic diversion


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