Therapy center will start in Patna AIIMS for treatment of disease with yoga, know what will be special in 30 bed ward


In the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), which is included in the big hospitals of Bihar, the biggest and most incurable diseases are successfully treated through allopaths. But now the AIIMS administration has also adopted yoga for the treatment of diseases. After which people will be treated with yoga here. Many other diseases including arthritis, depression, diabetes, blood pressure, glaucoma, back pain and spinal disease AS can be cured by this therapy. Its preparation has been started by the institute administration. Yoga teacher will be reinstated separately, whose notification has been removed.

Ward of 30 beds will be made in Yoga department

Under the guidance of AIIMS Director Dr. GK Paul, a 30-bed ward has been planned for the Yoga department here, where patients will be admitted to the ward for complete recovery through yoga therapy. Dr. GK Paul said that there is an Ayush Bhawan in AIIMS Patna which is now treating traditional medicines in Ayurveda and Homeopathy. He said that there are many centers in the country which conduct yoga classes and provide yoga training. There are very few centers where yoga therapy is given to hospital patients.

Yoga was found effective in the study

According to officials, recently a Center for Integrated Medical and Research (CIMR) was set up in Delhi AIIMS for research on yoga. In which the full attention of the doctors of AIIMS was to research on yoga and obtain scientific evidence of its medical benefits. Research done on yoga in CIMR found that yoga is very effective in controlling depression, stress, blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. Along with this, it has also been found very helpful in the treatment of many diseases including back pain, rehabilitation of heart patients, coma unconsciousness (soval syncope).

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