Political tussle continues in NCP, several MLAs swapped factions in five days


Mumbai : The political infighting in the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) is not taking its name. The situation is that after the rebellion in the party, the phase of factional change is going on among the MLAs. The news is that another MLA has defected from NCP’s rebel leader Ajit Pawar’s group and returned to Sharad Pawar’s group. According to a report, in the last five days, many MLAs have left the Ajit faction and joined the Sharad camp. It has been said in the report that Markand Jadhav Patil, who joined hands with the Ajit group, is the third MLA, who returned to the Sharad group in a week. Before him, Ramraje Naik-Nimbalkar and Deepak Chavan have returned to Sharad Pawar’s camp after breaking away from Ajit’s faction.

Three MLAs left in five days

According to media reports, Markand Jadhav Patil, who left Ajit Pawar’s side, is the MLA from Y assembly seat in Satara district of Maharashtra. Hundreds of Makarand’s supporting MLAs have also returned to Sharad Pawar’s camp following his path. Before Makrand Jadhav, last Friday Ramraje Naik-Nimbalkar and Deepak Chavan took the step of returning to the Sharad Pawar camp.

MLAs also fled from Sharad camp

It has been said in the report that not only MLAs are running away from Ajit Pawar’s faction, but Sharad Pawar’s MLA Kiran Lamhate has also joined Ajit’s faction. Kiran Lamhate has turned around and joined Ajit’s group for the third time. He first joined the Ajit group. Caught Sharad’s company after two days and then returned to his nephew. After the swearing-in of Ajit Pawar on July 2, Kiran had gone to Sharad’s faction and has now returned to Ajit’s faction. He was also present there during Ajit’s swearing-in.

NCP Crisis: Sharad Pawar declared himself NCP President, expelled all 9 rebel MLAs including Ajit Pawar from the party

Split in NCP

After Ajit Pawar joined the Shiv Sena-BJP government, the NCP has split into two factions and the uncle-nephew battle for control of the party continues. Both factions also did a show of strength on July 5. The presence of more than 35 MLAs was claimed in the meeting of Ajit faction and 15 MLAs reached Sharad’s faction. However, Ajit Pawar is claiming that he has more than 40 MLAs. The NCP has 53 MLAs in Maharashtra and Ajit Pawar will need the support of 36 MLAs to stake claim to control the party.

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