Aligarh: 80 goats die due to grazing on pesticide crops, anger among animal owners


Aligarh : In Aligarh, 80 goats died in Adaun area of ​​police station Akrabad. It is being told that the goat owner had grazed the goats and locked them inside a room due to rain. The same, when he reached to milk the goats on Monday morning, the goat was dead. The family is deeply saddened by the death of 80 goats at once. Akrabad police station and veterinary officer also reached the spot. Veterinary officers are trying to find out the exact cause of death by getting the goats postmortem done.

was locked safely in the room

Sabir, a resident of Adaun, does the business of goat rearing by taking a loan. After grazing the goats outside for some time due to rain yesterday, the goats were locked inside a room of the house when the weather turned bad. Like everyday, Sabir used to lock the goats in the room. Same, on Monday morning when the goats went to milk, the goats were found dead. Sabir was stunned to see this.

Seeing the death of the goats, mourning spread in the family. Owner Sabir is also not able to understand what is the reason for the death of the goats. But Sabir told that the death happened only after eating some of the goats. That information was given to the police station and the veterinary officer.

Police and veterinary officers are engaged in the investigation on the spot. However, owner Sabir told that the goats were locked in the room built in the plot in the evening itself. There, when he went to see in the morning, 80 goats were found dead. Sabir told that he used to lock them in the room as usual, but on Monday morning when he opened the closed room, the goats were found dead.

Veterinarian expressed apprehension of eating pestilites

At the same time, the goat owner Sabir told that 80 goats were locked in the room and died. Sabir alleged that someone had given poison due to which the goats died. The same veterinarian Amit Pal has done the postmortem of about 55 goats. He told that death has happened due to eating poison. He feared that pesticides might have been put in the crop or on the grass.

Which was eaten by goats and due to which death has occurred. The same owner, Sabir, is scared, because Akrabad police station in-charge Mahamaya Prasad says that the goats died due to suffocation, although the truth of the matter will be revealed after the vet’s report.



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