Proposal sent to board to run Vande Bharat from Bhagalpur, talk of operating Agartala Rajdhani train is also going on


A state in Eastern India: While inspecting the Godda to Bhagalpur rail section, former Railway GM Amar Prakash Dwivedi, who reached Bhagalpur railway station, said that there is a proposal to run Vande Bharat Express from Bhagalpur. The production of its rack is being done at a fast pace. On the point of running Rajdhani Express from Bhagalpur, he said that the proposal to run Agartala Express via Bhagalpur has been sent to the board and this proposal has been sent even before my arrival. On Saturday, as soon as the GM arrived by special train at platform number six around one o’clock in the day, the rain intensified.

inspected the railway station

Even in the rain, the GM inspected many places of the railway station along with DRM Vikas Choubey and other officials with an umbrella. He inaugurated the machine to check the machinery of trains in the yard. The GM also inspected the station premises and told the DRM that the front part of the station should be repainted and the water dripping in the station should be rectified. He said that the safety standard of Bhagalpur rail section is completely fine.

Three youths reached the hospital to sell blood in Bhagalpur, the hospital administration caught all three and handed them over to the police

Seeing water dripping from the tap, the agency was asked to fine

During the inspection, the GM went to the second class waiting room, where water was dripping rapidly from the tap in the basin next to the bathroom and toilet, seeing which the GM asked who sees it, then the concerned officer said that the agency is looking into this work. . He immediately directed that fine should be imposed on this agency. If the arrangement is not rectified within ten days, then it should be terminated. It was also inquired whether the passengers are given sleep after taking the goods from the vending stall installed on the number one platform. During the press conference in the VIP lounge of the station, he was asked about food and porridge made from coarse grains like jowar, millet, buckwheat, he said that it is a good suggestion and it will be implemented after planning.



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