PHOTOS: Devotees coming to Deoghar to visit Shivlok, will get important information about Shiva’s glory including Baba Mandir


Exhibition organized in Shivlok

Jharkhand News: Devotional atmosphere has been created in the city of Baba Baidyanath Dham regarding the State Shravani Fair 2023. The whole city of Deoghar is resounding with the chants of Baba Vaidyanath, Har Har Mahadev, Bol Bam everywhere. In this series, working towards making the Shravani fair more grand, the history of Lord Shiva, glory of Shiva, reading of stories and other cultural programs were organized by the District Information and Public Relations Department through an exhibition in Shivlok in the evening. going.

Information about Baba Mandir and Shiv Katha will be available

The purpose of the exhibition in Shivlok is that the devotees/Kanwariyas coming to Baba Nagri can get information about Shiva Katha, history of Baba Mandir, Shiv Tandav, history of Deoghar and other subjects. A grand event has been organized in Shivlok regarding this.

Shivamaya Shivlok Complex

In Shivlok premises, the story of Mother Sati being Sati, installation of Shivling in Baidyanath Dham, the whole story of Ravana and Shiva is being shown. Here 25 feet huge Shivling, 108 Shivling chain of five feet, Baba Mandir and Parvati Mandir will be seen. Along with this, the story of Sati Peeth and Ravneshwar Baidyanath is being displayed through idol, audio and light on the mountain. Due to which the entire Shivlok complex has become Shivamay.

Grand decoration of Baba Nagri with flowers and lights

Apart from this, the entire Shivlok complex has been decorated with laser lighting and electric lights and flowers for Shravani Mela. Along with this, the whole Baba Nagri has been made attractive through colorful flowers and lights.

Babanagari echoed with the shouts of Bam-Bam Bhole

Along with this, a devotional program is being organized in Shivlok in the evening. Where Shiv Tandav/Stotra/Shiv Katha along with lectures and other literary stories are being organized. In such a situation, Babanagari also echoed with the cheers of Bam Bam Bhole. Enthusiasm was seen among the Kanwar passengers to reach their respective destinations.

Cultural programs are organized every year by the Information and Public Relations Department.

Let us tell you that cultural programs are organized in Baba Baidyanath Dham throughout the month of Shravan regarding the State Shravani Fair 2023, so that the devotees coming to Baba Nagri can enjoy the cultural programs and leave for their destination after getting a pleasant feeling.


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