Pehla Sawan Somwar: If you are preparing for Sawan Monday fast, then these healthy tips are of great use


Sawan Monday 2023: You have to keep fast for one day or you have to stay on fruits for the whole month of Sawan. Think about it first. Most people worship Lord Bholnath by fasting on Mondays. In such a situation, if you want to fast for one day, then there is no need for much preparation. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet only two to three days before fasting. Yes, if you want to keep the fast for more days, then you must make some special preparations for it.

Take care of these special healthy tips:

Eat well two to three days before fasting, take more salad, fruits and green vegetables in it.

Sudden fasting can affect your body. So that you do not experience weakness and headache, take fruits a few days before fasting and fruit juices, honey water for one to three days. Consumption of orange and seasonal juices rich in vitamin C is also beneficial. It is okay to go on fasting with these preparations.

Physical and mental rest is also necessary between fasting, so take enough sleep.

Do keep your body hydrated. By drinking water, the toxic substances present inside the body are easily removed. Due to which there is no problem of burning sensation, constipation, smell of sweat in urine.

One should not remain hungry for a long time. You can have dry fruits and milk in the morning, coconut water, lassi, fruit or juice in the afternoon, tea in the evening and fruit salad at night.

Many people eat only once during fasting, so they should not eat a large amount of food at one go. Along with energy, keep the body hydrated as well. So let’s know what things you have to keep in mind if you are observing Sawan Somvar fast.

Whenever you break the fast on the next day, avoid consuming heavily fried food.

Do not be afraid of PCOS problem, healthy lifestyle and diet will control hormonal imbalance

During the fast, it is necessary for the mind to remain calm so that the mind is engaged in worship. When energy remains in the body, then the mind will also be able to concentrate. Therefore, by taking care of these healthy tips, you can take care of your body as well as your faith.


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