mallikarjun and rahul met rajasthan leaders in delhi kharge said history to change sbh | Mallikarjuna and Rahul met Rajasthan leaders in Delhi, said Kharge


After the meeting, Kharge tweeted, “Public service, relief and upliftment of all, Rajasthan moving on the path of progress.” The Congress party has taken the schemes of inclusive development and public welfare to every house in Rajasthan. The party will unite and go among the public in the upcoming elections. He said, every section of Rajasthan – farmers, farm-labourers, youth, women and every section of the society is expressing its faith in the Congress party. We will take care of everyone’s aspirations. Both present and future of Rajasthan are safe in the hands of Congress. This time history will change. Rahul Gandhi said in a Facebook post, held a meeting with Rajasthan Congress leaders today under the leadership of Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge. Congress will once again form the government in Rajasthan and will continue to work for the better future of the people.


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