Jharkhand: Prices of tomatoes and other vegetables increased due to rain, don’t know how long it will remain expensive


There is a situation of crisis in the market regarding tomatoes. Due to this its price has also increased. At the same time, the condition is also of vegetables. Local vegetables are in demand in Jamshedpur market. This is the reason why the price of vegetables is increasing a lot. The yield has also decreased considerably. Because of this, it will take time for the situation to become normal till September. The main reason for this is that till now the crops have been planted. Its harvesting is only after August. Especially vegetables like gourd, Kumhra, Nanua are being produced now. Till now tomato cultivation was supposed to take place in the district, but since the rains have been very less this time, due to this, there has been a huge decrease in it.

Last year, 25854 metric tonnes of tomatoes were produced in the district, unlike this time tomatoes have been planted in 1294 hectares. It is expected that 26371 metric tonnes will be produced this year as compared to last year. The production of gourd in the district is to be 2671 metric tonnes. Last year 2691 metric tonnes of bottle gourd were produced, which has been increased.

Agriculture officer of the district, Mithlesh Kalindi said that time will have to be waited for the production of tomatoes. The situation will be fine when harvesting will start from the month of August. The yield is better among the farmers regarding tomato. There is a need to maintain its goodness. Apart from tomato, cultivation of seasonal vegetables has also been promoted.


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