Bihar: Wife reached the police station with her girlfriend, absconding husband, pleaded with the police to send him to jail, know the whole matter


Bihar News: A strange case has come to light from Gaya district of Bihar. Here a woman reached the police station with her husband. Along with this, she has requested the police to send her husband to jail. This whole matter pertains to Pechadhi village under Sherghati police station area of ​​the district. Where the woman reached the police station with her husband. The woman alleges that her husband is having an illegal relationship. He assaults her and her children. At present, the police have taken the accused into custody.

Woman accused husband of assault

It is said that here the father of four children had eloped with the mother of three children. After this, his wife reached the police station with it. Suman Devi, wife of the accused Basant Manjhi, had filed a complaint against her husband and a woman from neighboring village Kajarsot in the local police station three days back. Instead, she along with the villagers reached the police station with her husband. Troubled by her husband, the wife pleaded to send her husband to jail. The woman says that her husband is not going to improve. He has been fighting for about one and a half years.

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Police arrested the accused

According to the woman, her husband’s job is only to fight and quarrel. Here, the police has arrested the accused. Along with this, it has started taking further action. The police is investigating the case. The interrogation of the accused is going on. The accused is being questioned by the police. At the same time, in this case, the people of the village also say that the behavior of the accused is not right with his family members. The accused beats up his wife and children.

Published By: Sakshi Shiva

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