Bihar: Varanasi-Aurangabad six-lane road will be built by December, fate of people of this area will open


The people of Bihar are likely to get a big gift in the month of December. is told that NH-2 (P) Varanasi-Aurangabad Sixlane (Varanasi-Aurangabad Sixlane) is likely to be completed by December 2023. Presently the physical progress of road construction is about 74.42 percent. Also, the financial progress is around 61.84 percent. The construction of this road is being done in about 192.4 km length. Out of this, construction has been completed in about 143.20 km length. During the construction of the remaining 49.2 km road, there is a problem in land acquisition at some places in Kaimur district. NHAI has sought help from the government for this.

Work started in the year 2011

The old name of Varanasi-Aurangabad is GT Road NH-2 and it was a two-lane road. Presently it has been changed to NH-19. In 2011, the work of making this road six-lane started. At that time its estimated cost was around Rs 2848 crore. Now it has increased to about Rs 4100 crore. Its construction was targeted to start in 2011 and be completed in 2014. The project has been delayed due to the problem of land acquisition. Due to this the cost of the project also increased.

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it would be beneficial

Aurangabad including Rohtas, Gaya and Kaimur districts will be directly benefited by the construction of this road. Along with this, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand will get better connectivity. With this, goods trains coming from Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and Mumbai will also be facilitated along with common citizens. Along with this, there will be savings in transportation cost and time. After the construction of the Patna-Gaya-Dobhi road, people will be able to get an alternative route from Patna to Varanasi via Varanasi-Aurangabad.

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