Bihar: 6 children died due to drowning in Kosi-Seemanchal, search continues for 2 missing children who drowned while bathing


The water level of the rivers of Bihar has now started rising. During this, accidents have also increased now. Half a dozen people died due to drowning in Kosi-Seemanchal area, while two children are still missing, whose search is on. Three died in Araria, two in Purnia and one in Katihar. At the same time, NDRF is searching for a girl in Supaul.

Three children died in Araria, one missing

Three children died due to drowning in two separate incidents in Mahalgaon OP of Araria. The first incident took place on Friday in Bhuna village ward number 13 of Bhuna Mazgama Panchayat. In the afternoon, two innocent girls who went to bathe in Dobhiya Dhar near the house died due to drowning. Among the girls, Sajia is 8 years old and Nisha is 6 years old. In the second incident, a two-year-old boy died due to drowning on Thursday in Pechali village of Chaukta Panchayat under Mahalgaon police station area. Here, in another incident, a child drowned in Dodhi Dhar in Dhangama village of Cheerah Panchayat. His search continues.

Two children died due to drowning in Pokhar in Purnia

Two children died due to drowning in a puddle in Ward 1 Basmanpur village of Sonma Panchayat of Bhawanipur block of Purnia district. The dead include Satyam Kumar (12) and Raja Kumar (8). The villagers told that both the children were going to visit the farm. In this sequence, both drowned in the puddle. As soon as it was heard, the people of the village along with the family gathered at the spot. However, till the time the villagers could do something, the dead bodies of both of them started pouring into the puddle. The villagers informed the Akbarpur police about the incident. On reaching the spot, the Akbarpur police took the dead body into custody and sent it to Purnia for postmortem.

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Girl child died by drowning in Mahananda in Katihar

Sabera Khatun, an eight-year-old girl of Sahbul, a resident of Satuva village located in Laguva-Dasgram Panchayat of Katihar Barsoi block, died due to drowning in Mahananda river. According to the information received, without telling her parents, the girl Sabera had gone to bathe in the Mahananda river near Satuwa village on Friday afternoon with the children of the surrounding. Where the girl went into deep water due to slipping of her foot while taking bath. After this she drowned in deep water. Because of which he died an untimely death.

Girl drowned while taking bath in Supaul, search continues

Sifa Parveen, a 7-year-old girl, drowned while taking a bath in the Mirchaiya river located in Barmotra of Laxminiyan Panchayat of Supaul. The children taking bath together searched for her a lot but could not find her. The children informed their parents about this. The NDRF team was engaged in the search till late evening.

Published By: Thakur Shaktilochan


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