Vegetables are disappearing from the food plate in Bihar, see what is the public’s opinion on the rising prices…


(youtube to rising inflation in Bihar, green vegetables are disappearing from the food plates of the people. People are now coming to vegetable markets to buy vegetables, but are going back only after asking the price. Those who are buying vegetables are also forced to buy vegetables in pav instead of kg. In such a situation, along with the buyer, the seller is also very worried, the vegetable vendors say that people are not buying vegetables. In such a situation, they are facing the problem of livelihood and due to this the farmers are suffering the most. But it is expected that, after the end of the monsoon month, there may be a slight drop in the price of vegetables.

Due to the high cost of vegetables, it is being told that there is less arrival in the vegetable markets. Earlier, due to the heat, the crop of vegetables got spoiled and whatever was left, it has been spoiled by the rain. Due to this, the arrival of vegetables has reduced to 60 percent. At present, the great and holy month of Hindus, Sawan is going on, in which all the people use simple food and green vegetables, due to the increase in the prices, people are facing problems. People have given different reactions to this issue. Let’s see what people have to say on the increased price of vegetables…

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