Madhushravani, the famous folk festival of Mithila, from today, this year the newlyweds will perform snake worship for 44 days.


Madhubani. As soon as the month of Savan arrives, the newly married women start preparing for Madhushravan, the famous folk festival of Mithila. Madhushravani festival celebrated in Mithila to wish for the long life of the husband lasts for one full side i.e. about 15 days. This time due to one month of Malmas, this festival will last for one and a half month. This festival will start from Nag Panchami i.e. July 7 and will continue till August 19. During the festival, newly married women will listen to the story of Mother Gauri and Nagdevta, Savitri-Satyawan, Shankar-Parvati, Ram-Sita, Radha-Krishna and other gods and goddesses.

For 44 days the newly married will do Phullodhi

The group of newly married women left for Phullodhi from Thursday evening itself amidst the drizzling showers of Sawan. There is a ritual of worshiping with stale flowers in Madhushravani. The flowers brought by the newly married woman in the evening will be used to worship Aadi Shakti Gauri and Nag Devta the next day. Lava, milk, vermilion, pithar, kajal, white, red and yellow flowers are prominent in Madhushravani Puja along with myna leaves and betel leaves. According to tradition, newly married women celebrate this festival in their maternal home. At the same time, during the festival, the clothes, food and worship materials sent from the in-laws’ house are used.

There is a tradition of celebrating this festival in Mithila.

The worship of Madhusravani begins every year on the fifth day of the Krishna Paksha of the month of Sawan and ends on the third day of the Shukla Paksha. It starts from the Chaturthi Tithi of Krishna Paksha itself. Because from that day itself, newly married women eat Arba-Arvain. Flowers start rolling. This time newly married women will do Phullodhi for 44 days due to Malmas being there for 30 days from 18th July to 16th August. Since ancient times, there is a tradition of celebrating this festival in Mithila.

Will consume rock salt

Eating salt is prohibited for newly married women during Madhushravani festival. This time Madhushravani is not of one side but of whole one and a half month. In such a situation, newly married women can use rock salt during Malmas period if needed. Other methods of worship and flowers will continue in Lodhi Malmas period also.

Streets resounded with folk songs

During the Madhushravani festival, the newly married women will eat fruits during the day and Arva food prepared from food brought from the in-laws’ house in the evening. As soon as the evening set, sixteen went out to pluck flowers, leaves and bell leaves, singing folk songs with their friends. During this, a group of newly married women playing pranks with their friends and singing folk songs remained the center of attraction. After offering flowers, the newly married woman stayed in the temple. Where she returned home after decorating the dala for worship the next day with the flowers. Even today this folk festival is alive in Mithila region as a symbol of cultural, religious, traditional harmony and respect.


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