Do not consume these vegetables even by mistake in monsoon, you can become seriously ill


Health Tips: Due to the change in hot and cold weather during the rainy season, the immunity becomes weak. The chances of getting sick increase significantly. If the diet is not followed during monsoon and a balanced diet is not eaten then it can harm the health. Stay away from junk food and spicy fried foods during the rainy season and there are some vegetables which should not be consumed during the rainy season.

avoid raw vegetables in rainy season

Most people eat salad with food. Salad contains many such vegetables which are full of nutrients. However, immunity is weak during the rainy season. In such a situation, the consumption of raw vegetables should be avoided.

avoid eating mushroom in rainy season

Eating mushroom is prohibited in the rainy season. Mushrooms grow very close to the ground. In such a situation, there is a great possibility that bacteria are present in the mushroom during the rainy season, which can harm your health.

Health Tips: Thyroid patients should not eat these things, there may be harm

avoid leafy vegetables

It is always advised to include green vegetables in your diet to stay healthy and energetic, but it is better to reduce the intake of green vegetables during monsoon. However, this is because recently the possibility of getting insects etc. in green vegetables has increased. In green vegetables, you should avoid eating leafy vegetables, such as cabbage, spinach.


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