Conspiracy of Naxalites in Jharkhand failed once again, police recovered three IED bombs and 18 spike holes


Chaibasa, Sunil Sinha: West Singhbhum district police and security forces have been continuously campaigning against Naxalites since last May 27 in the border areas of Tumbahaka and Anjadbeda under Tonto police station, besides Kuida and Maradiri border areas of Goilkera. In the course of this campaign, three IED bombs and 18 spike holes have been recovered once again on Friday. This information was given by Superintendent of Police Ashutosh Shekhar.

Three IED bombs and 18 spike holes recovered

Giving information, Superintendent of Police of West Singhbhum district, Ashutosh Shekhar said that on Friday, a campaign was being conducted by the district police and security forces against Naxalites in the forested and hilly areas on Hathiburu to Lovabeda road under Goilkera police station. In this sequence, six spike holes with iron rods and arrows have been recovered by digging a pit on the way. Along with this, two IED bombs have also been recovered. Similarly, an IED bomb and 12 spike holes with iron rods and arrows have been recovered from Tumbahaka village under Tonto police station area and Sarjomburu beach during the campaign.

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attempt to harm security forces

The SP told that this IED bomb and spike hole were planted by the Naxalites with the aim of harming the police and security forces. He told that after recovering these explosives, they were destroyed on the spot by the Bomb Disposal Squad from the point of view of security. He told that the recovered IED bombs were of 10, 08 and 06 kg. He said that this campaign being run against Naxalites will continue.

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Campaign against Naxalites continues for six months

The SP said that the squad of top leaders of banned CPI Maoist Naxalite organization Misir Besra, Anmol, Mochu, Chaman, Kandey Ashwin and Sagen Angaria is roaming in Kolhan area for subversive activities. Therefore, since December 11, a joint campaign team of District Police, Cobra 209, 203 and 205 battalions, Jharkhand Jaguar, CRPF 80, 197, 157, 174, 193, 07 and 26 battalions is being run continuously.

They were part of the expedition team

In this campaign, apart from District Police, Jharkhand Jaguar, Cobra 209, 203 Battalion and CRPF 197, 193, 174, 157, 134, 60 and 07 Battalion, CRPF 197 and 60 Battalion personnel were involved. Bomb disposal squad personnel were also involved in the campaign.


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