Bihar’s youth was punished in Sudan for not knowing Arabic, army soldier shot him in the head


Bihar: A young man from Siwan had to pay the price of his life for not knowing Arabic in Sudan. The young man was murdered on July 2 itself. He was shot dead by an army jawan during interrogation. It is being told that in Sudan, an army soldier shot dead Arvind Kumar Sah, 25-year-old son of Bacha Sah of Kothua Sarangpur village under Daronda police station of Siwan district. Arvind reached Omdurman in Sudan from Delhi with his maternal uncle’s brother-in-law on a tourist visa on February 4 for a job. Arvind started distributing medicines in a hospital in Omdurman. He had extended the visa for six months. He lived in Omdurman, Sudan with five friends.

Information has been received that on July 2, at 10 am, the soldiers of the Sudanese army arrived and, showing their weapons, made them lie down on their backs. Asked about having knowledge of Arabic language. Arvind did not know Arabic. After this, the soldiers of Sudan’s army shot at Arvind. Due to this he died. Meanwhile, a Sudanese citizen reached and saved his other friends. His companions buried Arvind’s body there. After the incident, the maternal uncle’s brother-in-law informed the family members through WhatsApp. Due to this, there was chaos among the family members. Here, CO Dinanath Kumar told that information is being collected about it.

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In relation to the incident, the family members told that it came to know through maternal uncle that Arvind had been murdered. After this we have tried to talk in the embassy. Arvind’s relatives told that there was a money problem in the house. Some family members were earning abroad. So we took the help of an agent. The agent sent it to Sudan saying to send it to Dubai.


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