Bihar: Why were two Sudanese women arrested at the Indo-Nepal border? Health deteriorated before going to jail


Bihar News: Two Sudanese women were arrested on the Indo-Nepal international border. The jawans of SSB 45th Battalion’s Shaileshpur outpost arrested both of them. When the jawans at the checkpost checked the documents available with both the women, it was revealed that both the women were going to Nepal illegally. After all the action, both the women were handed over to the Bhimnagar OP police. Among them, the health of a woman suddenly deteriorated.

Action on Indo-Nepal border

Jawans of SSB 45th Battalion’s Outer Border Post Shaileshpur caught two Sudanese women going to Nepal illegally during checking. Acting Commandant of SSB 45th Battalion, Rupesh Sharma told that there is a traditional route of going to India-Nepal from in front of the outer border outpost Shaileshpur. From where the citizens of both the countries travel.

Jawans caught at the checkpost

It was told that there is a check post of SSB 45th Battalion’s border outpost Shaileshpur on this route. Those coming through this check post are allowed to move only after checking by the personnel posted at the check post. In this sequence, two Sudanese women citizens were going from India to Nepal, then they were stopped and interrogated.

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Women were going to Nepal illegally

The Acting Commandant told that necessary documents were examined along with the enquiry. During investigation, it was found that two Sudanese women were going to Nepal illegally. His visa had also expired. During interrogation, both the Sudanese women gave their names as Sawsan Abdelhalim Hameed Salih (age 43) and Tahane Sadeldeen Elhaj Salih (age 50). Bhimnagar OP police took both of them with them.

Woman caught without visa deteriorated

One of the two Sudanese women caught without a visa, 43-year-old Sawsan Abdel Halim Hameed Salih, suddenly took ill. Which was brought to Virpur Sub-Divisional Hospital under the supervision of women security personnel. Dr. S. Rehman, who administered first aid, told that a Sudanese woman was brought by the police station, who was treated.

ill health of woman

Both women were sent to jail

The doctor told that till now many types of tests including ECG and blood sugar have been done. Everything has been found normal so far in the investigation. Despite this, the talk of constant chest pain by the victim woman was going somewhere. Whose first aid was referred for better treatment. According to the information, after treatment, both the women were shifted to Virpur Upkara.

Published By: Thakur Shaktilochan


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