Bihar: 8 people of the same family, victims of food poisoning after eating home food in Rohtas, hospitalized


Bihar: With the onset of the rainy season, cases of food poisoning have started increasing. It is being told that eight people of the same family have become victims of food poisoning after having home-cooked food in Rohtas. People were suffering from vomiting and diarrhea along with abdominal pain. After this, the nearby people hurriedly admitted the victim’s family to the hospital. The case is of Suryapura police station area of ​​Bihar. The victims are being treated in the hospital. Everyone’s condition is normal.

The victim’s entire family is out of danger

The relatives of the sick family told that they are residents of Andhar village of Suryapura police station area. After eating food, the health of 8 family members suddenly deteriorated. This created a stir in the entire village. Then the villagers admitted him to Sasaram Sadar Hospital. Sick people included 3 women and men. The people treating the victims told that people have fallen ill due to food poisoning. However, everyone’s condition is out of danger. Doctors told that there is a need to take special care of food during the rainy days. The victims told that they had eaten homemade rice, lentils and okra curry. After this, one by one everyone fell ill.

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There is talk of falling poisonous things in the food.

The people of the village say that some kind of poisonous substance or poisonous insect must have fallen in the food after it was cooked. Because of this, his health suddenly deteriorated. Two children are also included in the victims. Those who suddenly fell ill after eating. They have also been admitted to the hospital. The people of the village are quite scared after the incident. People are drinking boiled water.

Reported By: Mahima Singh.


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