Attention Thugs calling as officers in Patna, demanding lakhs of rupees on the pretext of illness, know the whole matter


Such a gang has become active in Patna, posing as officers, asking for the number of sensors from junior officials and then asking for two lakh rupees citing health reasons. The matter of demanding two lakh rupees from the sensor by calling in the name of Additional Chief Secretary of Urban Development Department Arunish Chawla has come to light. In this regard, Yugeshwar Nath of Om Sai Enterprises has lodged an FIR in Patna’s cyber police station.

Called the officials and asked for the phone number

The fraudster first called the mayor, deputy mayor, municipal commissioner and other officials and, posing as the additional chief secretary, inquired about the ongoing project in the area. After this, he took the number of the sensor who did that project. Sensor Yugeshwar Nath was also called from the number 8509288970 and calling himself Additional Chief Secretary, demanding two lakh rupees, giving information about the ill health of his close friend. But when Yugeshwar Nath inquired about it, he came to know that a fake person was demanding money from him. After this, he has registered a case in the cyber police station. Along with this, he has also given information about the account of the fraudster in Valangid district to the cyber police station.

Attempt to cheat two lakhs from sensor by becoming managing director

Posing as Mahendra Kumar, Managing Director of SBPDCL (South Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited), the fraudsters tricked Amar Prakash, Assistant Electrical Engineer of PESU Eastern Power Supply Sub-Divisional and tried to cheat two lakh rupees from the sensor. However, the engineer understood the fraudster’s game and lodged an FIR at the Pir Bhor police station. Along with that, that number has also been handed over to the police, from which he had received the call.

Case filed against the caller

Amar Prakash has informed the police in a written complaint that he received a call from a number and told that he is speaking from SBPDCL Managing Director Mahendra Kumar. Tell me about the project running in your area and give the mobile number of the sensor. After this the number of the sensor was given. After this, the fake Managing Director said that the sensor will be asked to talk. After this, the sensor Himanshu Kumar called and told the engineer that he had called on that number, but no one received. After this, the fraudster called the sensor and demanded two lakh rupees, giving information about the illness of the close one. This thing came to the notice of the engineer and then he has registered a case against the caller in Pirbahore police station.

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Municipal Corporation’s appeal, beware of such calls

The Municipal Corporation has warned the common people not to trust any such call and not to transfer any amount. An FIR has been lodged in the cyber cell against such fake calls. Patna Municipal Corporation has also warned the general public to avoid this kind of fraud.


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