There is a possibility of drought in Jharkhand, the government is preparing to deal with it, there may be an impact on agriculture


Monsoon In Jharkhand: Monsoon is active in Jharkhand. But is the rain in Jharkhand sufficient. Since the monsoon, the partial rains in the districts of the state have not only raised this question in the minds of the common people of Jharkhand, but have also forced the officials to think. Yes, Central Horticulture Commissioner Dr. Prabhat Kumar reviewed the progress of Kharif sowing in Jharkhand as well as reviewed the preparations to deal with drought and said that the change in environment is a cause of concern.

Direct effect of change on Jharkhand’s agriculture

Giving information, he said that this change happening in the environment is directly affecting the agriculture of Jharkhand. In such a situation, if the weather is unfavorable, then agriculture will be affected, due to which the farmer and the whole country will be affected. Also, he says that the situation will be clear only from the coming 20 to 25 July that what is the condition of monsoon. If the monsoon is favourable, then it is better, but if the situation is opposite, then what is the condition of the state’s water sources, it was discussed.

50% seed distribution

Along with giving information, he said that both the central and the state government are working on the Shree Anna Yojana. In such a situation, this scheme will be implemented as an alternative in the event of drought. On seed distribution in the state, he said that 50 percent seeds have been distributed. Apart from this, he has praised many other schemes and works of the Central Government and the State Government.

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Monsoon conditions favorable in the state!

But, amidst all this, there is a big question whether the monsoon conditions are favorable in the state. If we talk about the capital Ranchi, it rained continuously in the first two days of the monsoon. After a few days, it rained heavily for three days, but it is not raining continuously and every day. It rained in some areas of Ranchi on Wednesday. In such a situation, it will be clear in the coming few days that what is the condition of monsoon in Jharkhand.


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