NCP Crisis: ‘Will not let the election symbol go into the hands of Ajit’, Sharad Pawar left for Delhi with this roar


NCP Crisis: The tussle between uncle and nephew continues in Maharashtra. Meanwhile, NCP founder and president Sharad Pawar has asked party workers not to worry. Addressing the party workers at YB Chavan Centre, Sharad Pawar said that the time has come to prepare a new generation of leaders. No matter who is claiming the name and election symbol of the party, but it is not possible to take it away.

While addressing the workers, Sharad Pawar said that MLAs come, and can go anywhere… Don’t complain. Wherever they are, they should be allowed to live happily…While we are together, let’s work to create a new generation of leaders. 16 MLAs had reached in the show of strength of Sharad Pawar group. The office bearers of the party’s frontal cell participated in it. In the latest developments, Sharad Pawar has left for Delhi from Maharashtra for the meeting of the National Executive. Today’s meeting is considered important in many ways.

Modi calls NCP a ‘corrupt’ party

Addressing a meeting of his faction, Sharad Pawar lashed out at his nephew Ajit Pawar for joining hands with the BJP for power as Prime Minister Narendra Modi calls the NCP a “corrupt” party. Not only this, Sharad Pawar has also objected to the use of his photograph by the Ajit Pawar faction. He said that if he has gone there then why is my picture being used? I will not let my party’s name and election symbol go into their hands.

What did Sharad Pawar say on the party’s election symbol?

Sharad Pawar gave his reaction to the approach of the Ajit Pawar-led faction to the Election Commission and claiming the party’s election symbol. He assured his supporters that he would not allow anyone to take away the party symbol. He said that in the past, he (Ajit) criticized Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and said that he had never seen such a Chief Minister in all these years, but today he did the work of shaking hands with him.

Maharashtra Political Crisis: Ajit Pawar becomes NCP President, removes Sharad Pawar from the post, tightens age

Formation of NCP by breaking away from Congress

Let us tell you that in 1999, Sharad Pawar broke away from the Congress and formed the NCP. He remembered the old days and said that today we are not in power, but we are present in the hearts of the people. Warning the Ajit faction, Sharad Pawar said that each and every ally of the BJP has faced ‘political disaster’ and they too will meet the same fate in future.


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