Bihar: The girl gave such an injection while having sex, the blackmailer’s boyfriend died on the spot


Bihar News: When the phase of blackmailing started in love, a 24-year-old youth was killed in Purnia by giving an injection of unconsciousness. The injection of unconsciousness was given in such a large quantity that the young man died within a few seconds. The deceased youth Prakash Kumar Mandal was working in a pathology of the local line market. He lived with his maternal uncle near Sarna Chowk in Sadar police station area. He was originally a resident of Dhangama under Palasi police station area of ​​Araria district. On June 16, he went missing after going to pathology from home. His mobile was also switched off.

When the young man disappeared, the search intensified

After the disappearance of Prakash, the missing application was given by his uncle Anand Mandal in Sadar police station. About 20 days after this incident, the remains of his dead body were recovered from Raniganj police station area of ​​Araria district by the police involved in the investigation. Sadar SDPO Pushkar Kumar disclosed the death of missing Prakash Mandal in Sadar police station on Wednesday. He told that after the disappearance of Prakash Mandal, the last location of his switched off mobile was Raniganj police station area. After going through the call details of the mobile number of the deceased, there was a continuous conversation on one number. The last conversation also took place on this number from the mobile of the deceased. The said number was traced which turned out to be of a girl.

Had relations with two women

SDPO told that this girl used to work in the same lab of Line Bazar along with the deceased youth. He has been arrested in connection with the murder of the youth. She is a resident of Manihari in Katihar district. Another girl working in the same lab got her to work here. The deceased had established relations with both the girls. The deceased had captured a naked picture of her in mobile after having a physical relationship with a girl living in Manihari. He also shared this nude picture with another female employee.

Obscene picture went viral…

Not only this, the deceased had also made her nude picture viral on social media under the fake name. Frightened by this, the girl left the lab in Line Bazar and went to Raniganj and started working in a private nursing home there. During this, the girl repeatedly requested the deceased Prakash Mandal to delete the nude picture from the mobile. On June 16, when she asked to delete the picture, Prakash Mandal agreed to delete the picture on the condition that he would once again have physical relations with her. The girl agreed and called him to Raniganj.

Planned to kill, called to a deserted place

Prakash reached Raniganj by bike. Then the girl planned to kill him and met him keeping the injection of unconsciousness with her. Both roamed in Raniganj market for a few hours. After this he was taken to a deserted place, which was surrounded by a boundary wall and had a forest inside. There was also a semi-finished house there. After reaching there, both made physical relations.

Suddenly unconsciousness was injected, the lover died

When Prakash was lying straight tiredly, then the girl kept the injection of unconsciousness hidden in the cloth and put it in his vein. He died within a few moments after giving the injection. After this, the girl hid his dead body in a nearby bush and left from there.

16 days after the murder came and burnt the dead body

The girl threw Prakash’s mobile in a nearby river and went to her home in Manihari. She reached back to Raniganj after 16 days. After this she reached the spot and poured petrol on the dead body and set it on fire. When the girl was taken into custody and strictly interrogated, she narrated the whole incident.

The girl was arrested

The FSL team also went to the spot and investigated. The clothes and watch of the deceased were recovered, on the basis of which the dead body was identified by the relatives. The SDPO said that the girl tried several times to delete the nude picture, but after the deceased refused, she planned to kill him. The girl was arrested and sent to jail.

Published By: Thakur Shaktilochan


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