Bihar: Half a dozen people lost their lives in the grip of lightning, the process of death is not stopping


Weather havoc continues in Bihar. On the one hand, where the monsoon rains have given relief to the people, on the other hand, people are losing their lives in the grip of lightning. On Wednesday also, about half a dozen people have died due to cold. While two people are said to be injured. In Madhubani, Bhagalpur, Sitamarhi, Khagaria, Katihar and Rohtas, the information about death of about 6 people has come to light. There is one case in this on Tuesday.

Death due to cold in Sitamarhi

A girl died and another girl was injured on Wednesday due to a landslide in Bath Asli village of Nanpur police station area of ​​Sitamarhi. The deceased has been identified as Menika Kumari, 12-year-old daughter of Sophie Mahto, resident of Bath Asli Ward 13. On the other hand, Sonfi Mahto’s 13-year-old daughter Ragni Kumari, who was injured after being hit by Thanka, was admitted to the health center for treatment. On getting information about the incident, there was panic in the village. The villagers told that it was raining heavily in the morning of the incident. At the same time both the girls were going towards the farm. That’s why both the girls came under the grip of thunder after lightning struck in the sky.

Cattleman died due to lightning in Bhagalpur

Cattleman died due to lightning in Meghal Tola of Ismailpur police station of Navgachia. The deceased was Akhilesh Mandal (26), son of Kailash Mandal, a resident of Meghal Tola, a cattle rearer. It was told that he was giving fodder to buffalo in the field near the house. During this, he died on the spot due to being struck by lightning. Police sent the dead body to the sub-division hospital Navagachia for postmortem. After getting the post-mortem done, the dead body was handed over to the relatives for the last rites.

Meteorological Department issued a warning regarding rain and thunderstorm in Bihar, see the condition of your city

woman died due to lightning in khagaria

Runjhun Devi, wife of Late Akhileshwar Sah, resident of ward 8 of Pasraha village, died in Bahiyar on Wednesday due to lightning in Pasraha police station area of ​​Gogri sub-division. Local people told that she had gone to the garden to get animal feed. That’s why he died due to being struck by lightning. Police Station President Amlesh Kumar told that a woman has died due to lightning. The dead body was taken into custody and sent for postmortem.

Death due to cold in Katihar

In Lali Singhaya village of Sohtha Dakshin Panchayat under Falka police station area, 18-year-old student Aman Kumar, who had gone to defecate in the field on Wednesday, died after being struck by lightning. While a woman fainted in the adjacent village Gobindpur Dira. Whose treatment is going on at Falka Community Health Center. Amit Singh, the father of the deceased Aman Kumar told that my boy used to study while staying in a hostel in Katihar. Came home from hostel yesterday. On Wednesday, Bahiyar went to the field to defecate during the day. Meanwhile, he got hit by lightning. Due to which my son died on the spot.

Farmer died due to lightning in Rohtas

In Kamdhenwa village of Dawath police station area, a farmer died due to a hailstorm. CO Naval Kant said that Ranjan Singh, 38-year-old son of farmer Nathuni Yadav, a resident of Kamdhenwa village, was doing the work of repairing the bund and peeling grass in his field on Tuesday afternoon. Then suddenly there was a thunderclap with heavy rain, due to which he got seriously injured. He was taken for treatment by the villagers. Where the doctor declared dead. On the other hand, on receiving the information of the incident, Police Station President Sanjeev Kumar handed over the dead body to the relatives after the post-mortem.

Husband killed in Madhubani, wife injured

In Madhubani too, a couple came under the grip of lightning. It fell flat on top of a house. Due to which the roof of the house collapsed. The husband and wife got buried under its debris and the husband died. The wife got injured there.

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